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The Mystic and his Journey

Humans put much value in things of the world but they are like a dream lasting until one wakes up in a new life. Sweet seem pleasures of the world and senses. Both bitter and sweet are its fruits.
Deluded by pleasures and ambitions of world, billions of humans are running helter-skelter across the bosom of Mother Earth – falling, rising, laughing, weeping. 
Yet, there are some who refuse to put up with the pain for temporary gains.They would rather return to the place from whence they came. Father Universe smiles, ever ready to welcome back His children into His fold. Mother Universe smiles by his side for she is but a part of Him.
They take to paths some call spiritual, some mystic and some say the path of the crazy gone mad. They smile and say, hope you join me too, in this joyous madness, when you arrive at the edge of the bottomless pit and peer down its side for you are running towards it with great speed.
The path of the mystic is not the path of religion, that is for those w…

The Poem on my Name

They called me King in Piland Babaji in a cave A Doc or Prof at work But my mama just Ashok For that simply was my name
One’s journey through the jungle On one’s own one must make If the path is marked by love and beauty The Journey and destination Surely shall be lovely and a cutie
Days of grief and tears shall pass
Nothing really lasts
When you drop complexity and the lies
Your joy shall be like that of a child Just LOL and Ha Ha with your laughter
Come onboard the journey with a canter