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New Low Cost edition: Mystic Pathways to Love, peace and Happiness

Note prepared by QUESST Publications for Babaji:
The first Edition of the book Mystic Pathways --- was a very expensive one because it was produced using full color printing, being a special anniversary edition. Babaji was delighted with the product but not pleased that it was so costly. Therefore QUESST Publications, a non-profit, non-funded and non-commercial voluntary service for Babaji (the two Ss in the name stand for Scientific and Spiritual) has worked overtime to bring out a new black and white edition at a much lower cost. This second edition is similar to the first except for the addition of a brief table of contents and a small appendix at the end. It is hoped thereby to make this book available to a much wider readership worldwide not just through Amazon but also other online retailers as well as book stores. The ISBN for this second edition is
ISBN-13: 978-1546343790
ISBN-10: 1546343792
We are exploring if an even cheaper edition may be brought out with the help of l…

New Book Release - Mystic Pathways to Love, Peace and Happiness

Note Prepared by QUESST to announce new book for Ashok Babaji's Blog
Dear friends and well wishers, while some of you would have found the contents of this blog useful, there are others who prefer to read it all together in a single book. That is precisely what has been done and the book released yesterday on the eighteenth death anniversary of Ashok Babaji’s mother – Nand Rani or Nando as known to all who knew her.She was his first teacher in this life towards values of love, truth, simplicity, beauty and laughter. Being a special anniversary issue, the book was printed using full color.As a consequence the book has become an expensive one. However, it is proposed to release a second addition in the very near future at a much lower price using black, white and gray scales for printing. Hopefully, this would then make it available to a much wider readership.
The book does not include  pictures of this blog but includes slight modifications so that the material is more appropriate…

Kriya Yoga by Baba Hairakhan, Babaji

The Himalayas have been a source of spiritual knowledge and inspiration since ancient times. It has been the abode or origin of numerous saints and mystics including the Great Buddha. Certainly if a divine location has to be chosen for that on the planet it has to be the Himalayas as the highest mountain chain of the world and also the most conducive to life and beauty. Earth is not paradise but bits of paradise lie scattered across the bosom of Mother Earth and some of these are in these sacred mountains.
In 1970, a youthful saint of around twenty, called Baba Hairakhan (also spelt Haidkhan) or Babaji lovingly by his disciples appeared in the Nainital District of Himalayas. He died in 1984 even as he had said while he lived that the body is meaningless and transient but the soul lives on. Through his public and early death, Baba Hairakhan also illustrated to his many disciples of Christian origin who had come to believe that Babaji would live forever in his present body that no phys…

Entropy Yoga of Dr. Ashok Babaji

Now we shall describe a simple yoga, simple yet profound in its inner meaning. The best of the laws of the universe are the simplest. Those who know even a little science and the law of gravity that holds planets and the stars together on their orbital paths know that the universe chose a simple number for that law - 2 - and not a complicated one.
This yoga is so general in nature that it is beneficial for all life, even energy producing inanimate matter and machines. It is called Entropy Yoga. The term Entropy Yoga was born some years ago as a result of study of both the physical and spiritual sciences by this author combining two words and ideas from modern human science and timeless mysticism. This yoga is not something that is practiced for a few fixed minutes or hours daily but rather a matter of lifestyle. Let us consider the two words separately first.
The precise meaning of the term – yoga - is union. It is held in mysticism that individual consciousness, intelligence an…

About Yoga by Dr. Ashok Babaji

While some are interested in mystic knowledge many would like to know of simple practical practices derived from it that can lead to evolution of their souls towards greater peace and happiness. Such practices may be called yoga for that is what yoga is, the evolution of the soul to its original infinitely powerful and blissful state from which it arose.
Mind and body are temporary acquisitions of the soul that change from time to time within a life as also from life to life. They are assets acquired by a soul for its journey through space and time, each in accordance with its needs and desires under the supervision of the Universal Consciousness. When a soul has evolved to its highest possible state, it unites with the Infinite Eternal Soul. It then longer needs a finite mind and body that is a limited and small thing in our vast infinite universe.
Different yoga practices have some common elements but differ in emphasis and details. Each person is unique and requires a different p…