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When Angels Suffer

Somewhere deep within the vast ocean there is a fertile island with all manner of lovely green trees, climbing plants and wild flowers. If within it dwell all manners of insects and creatures that walk upon the land with chimpanzees being the most evolved of the lot, then no doubt, with whatever thinking chimpanzees are capable of, they think, there is no life beyond what swims in the endless ocean and on their island and that they are the most evolved of creatures in the universe.
Beyond the island of the chimpanzees, lie vast continents where dwells life that is more evolved - humans. Like the chimpanzees, they too think, the only life that dwells in the universe is the one that dwells in their world and that they are the most evolved of creatures in this vast infinite universe.
Planet of humans is far smaller than a speck of dust, relatively speaking, in the vast infinite universe where dwell all manner of life forms, some less evolved than humans, others far more evolved, some tha…