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Curse of Fifth Stage on Humans

If one considered human life divided in five stages of twenty years each, the first stage of life ends at twenty with the last and fifth beginning from eighty. 
While each human is unique with different life paths, roughly the first stage of life, the most joyous one for many involves childhood when the human body grows rapidly from an infant into full adult. This stage involves education and training to prepare one for a career that sustains one through life. A careful balance and discipline guided by parents between learning and play helps a child make most of this phase of life.
The second phase of life from twenty to forty is the time humans begin their career as well as raise a family and that must remain the prime focus and duty for most humans at this stage. It is a busy stage of life but one also has a lot of energy in this period. As in the first stage, each stage of life involves a preparation for the next stage. Humans must take care that they raise their children in a way…

Born again and again

If a dress develops a tear, it may be possible to repair it sometimes or discard it all together if the damage is too big to fix. In any case it shall get worn out with use and have to be replaced eventually.
Our physical bodies too are like clothing. They are clothing for our souls. Because an infinitely more intelligent maker has designed this dress, it has some inbuilt self-repair mechanisms. However, it too gets worn out with age. In a matter of some days or decades, its maker shall change it just as He has been done for all other souls that were ever born. The soul within does not die. It acquires a new body so that we are born again and again and again, except the few who return to the infinite source from which our soul and all others souls emerged to begin with.
In this journey of lifetimes happening to all of us, over and over again, we are thrown together again and again with the same souls with which we have emotional connections, in their new bodies, those we have loved…

Rising and Falling Souls

The universe is full of souls, rising souls and falling souls Rising souls, ever rising to greater levels of freedom, freedom to choose, freedom to create and the freedom to be, even as the Father of all souls created this universe merely by will. Falling souls, falling to ever lower levels of freedom, not just humans even animals and insects some that must now depend upon the wind to reach their food, nay even lower, like the rocks on the hill that have no freedom to choose or will at all. Rising souls not just among angels, kings and leaders but also among animals and insects too that crawl upon the Earth. Falling souls not just among angels, kings and leaders but also among insects that crawl upon the Earth. Am I falling soul or a rising soul you ask, how am I to know? It is easy to pick which is which dear friend. Falling souls are the liars among you and rising souls are those that strive to abide in truth. For it is truth that gives wings to fly. As for lies, they are the desperate gras…