Curse of Fifth Stage on Humans

If one considered human life divided in five stages of twenty years each, the first stage of life ends at twenty with the last and fifth beginning from eighty. 

While each human is unique with different life paths, roughly the first stage of life, the most joyous one for many involves childhood when the human body grows rapidly from an infant into full adult. This stage involves education and training to prepare one for a career that sustains one through life. A careful balance and discipline guided by parents between learning and play helps a child make most of this phase of life.

The second phase of life from twenty to forty is the time humans begin their career as well as raise a family and that must remain the prime focus and duty for most humans at this stage. It is a busy stage of life but one also has a lot of energy in this period. As in the first stage, each stage of life involves a preparation for the next stage. Humans must take care that they raise their children in a way so that they too can step happily into life while also trying to excel in one’s chosen career so that one may reach senior positions in the third phase.

The third stage from forty to sixty is the one where some attention can be drawn away from children as well as career to begin preparing a retirement home and savings for the fourth stage to follow after sixty when most retire from work as they rightly should in their own best interest and to make most of a brief human life. Simplifying one's lifestyle in the fourth stage will make life nicer and overcome the necessity to keep earning for many.

The fourth stage that begins after sixty, the retirement phase, is a time to relax, put up one's feet, or pursue a favorite pastime as one deserves to every evening after a day of work but it also involves preparing for the next stage. One may ask what the next phase is when most humans may die in that phase or not live long beyond it in any case? But dear friend, mystics will tell you that the soul is eternal and you shall go on to be born again and again in new lives after the present one is over.

Much that happens to a human in life depends on what they brought with them into life at birth. It is best to prepare in a way that when one enters a new life, it is with genes and karma that provide a healthy and beautiful body, an intelligent cheerful mind; that one is born in beautiful and peaceful parts of the world in comfortable circumstances with loving parents, and that one does not face hardships right from childhood as unfortunately very many humans do. Child hunger, malnutrition, violence, wars and diseases are widespread on the planet.

What sorts of preparation can a human make so that his or her next life is better? During the hectic phases of raising a family and navigating through one’s career most would have ended up doing many minor or major wrong acts that hurt other humans out of lack of wisdom, desire for gain or just the rush of things. It is time now to reflect on those and repent in peace and solitude so that some of the evil karma of those acts is washed out of  souls. It is best in this phase for one to reduce social, family and work engagements except to the extent of sharing one’s experience with others in order to help make lives better. Aside from that it is best to cultivate silence and solitude in this phase of life.

In any case, one will find that with reduced energies and abilities in this stage of life, socializing or continuing in gainful occupations or interfering in family matters is no longer a pleasure but becomes increasingly painful. The principal socializing at this age must be with one’s grandchildren if one has access to some and spending time alone in nature, gardens and meditation. However, one would end up with some interaction when one shares experience with others to help them in their journey through life. It can be a source of huge treasures for the next life. This last has become easier for educated older persons now with access to Internet

The fifth stage of life, one beyond eighty, is one that mystics pray that humans do not have to undergo. The suffering very old persons have to undergo with hugely deteriorating physical abilities can be immense. A few remain free of major discomfort at this age but that is not common. It is in fact a curse on very many humans to have to undergo this phase of life incase they are unlucky enough to enter one.

What is the cause of this curse?

As with everything else, it is we ourselves that bring suffering upon ourselves, for one’s own self is one’s best friend or worst enemy. The majority of humans wish for long lives and wish their loved ones a long life too, sharing this curse with each other.  It is better to wish each other good life for as long as one lives as the Lord deems best and leave this world in reasonable peace when the time comes for it. 

Mystics prefer to jump into new lives as soon as possible, unless in rare cases their mission in life is a long one to serve humanity. A favorite Himalayan Mystic of this author, Babaji of Haidakhan left the world in his thirties. It is said that he has repeatedly taken birth in the Central Himalayas or other regions not far from it since ancient times and begun his spiritual ministry just as soon as enters the second stage of life at twenty.

Old age is often the most difficult period of life for most humans but it need not be so if you read the poem entitled, secret of happiness in old age, in this blog and pray, do not linger long in life but linger well.

And now the ultimate secret of happiness in old age here


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