Love of God makes the journey easy

Not even the godly are perfect. It is too much to expect a human to be so. All of us have different strengths and weaknesses of different kinds, to different degrees that cause us to do good or bad things in our journey through life and lifetimes.

Our good deeds bring us good result - peace and joy while bad ones bring sorrow and misery for all things have consequences. A lie can please one for moments but sustainable peace is found only in truth and how can there be happiness without peace? Human love can cause us brief suffering at times yet hate produces much misery when it returns for whatever we put into the world and universe around us comes back to us, good or bad, in due course, when it is time for harvest, the fruit or the thorns.

When blinded by pride, desire or ignorance we do poor things that produce bad results later, they make our journey through life difficult. Yet when we place our love and trust in God, the journey through life becomes easier than it might have been otherwise. It is for this reason we often come across people in life who are not very good humans yet lead more comfortable lives than others who are good humans but either do not believe in God or ignore Him often. Most certainly what happens to all of us in life is a result of our karma, the consequence of our past or recent actions but a lot of it is also is due to our faith in the Lord who created us all and the universe we live in;  whose consciousness pervades all things.

One need not be religious to believe in and love God. God is everywhere and we are all part of Him. We can love him without being religious. Persons who believe in God without being religious are more rightly described as spiritual persons rather than religious. The founders of many a great religion on our planet did not conform to any one religion. Some of those who perpetuate a religion in their names have compromised it because of human shortcomings.

Spiritual knowledge is inscribed on the portals of our heart and the firmament, on every tree and flower in the field, and the saintly can access such knowledge directly. Yet founders of religions have also been exposed to  different religions and spiritual traditions of their times and at least borrowed some of the language for their teaching and descriptions. The knowledge in the heart does not exist in any human language. That is only an approximation in discrete words of the infinite experience.  The language of God is silence, everything else is at best an approximation. Spiritual persons who do not conform to any one religion strictly may similarly borrow from religions they are exposed to and whatever appeals to them, for in such matters Buddha advised all not to believe anyone, not even him but only what convinces their hearts and to accept everything good thus found from all religions.

Just as a child is more secure and comfortable in company of a parent, any human may become so too in the company of our Eternal Parent, God. Just as a parent loves even a mischievous child, God too loves all. He rescues even the worst of sinners from doom when they seek His shelter. May Praise be upon the Lord.


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