You shall find Bliss in Forests

My mind can go in a thousand directions,
But on this beautiful path,
I walk in peace...
- Thich Nhat Hanh

Delightful are the forests where worldlings find no pleasure, there the passionless will rejoice for they seek no sensual pleasures
Dhammapada ( Buddhist Scripture) Ch 7 vs 99

As worldly desires of one on spiritual paths reduce and things like ego, lust  greed, diminish then love of Mother Earth and Father Universe surfaces. This is similar to our remembering love of our earthly mother and father when we free ourselves from worldly concerns. Such a soul then craves for beautiful parts of Mother Earth such as forests, mountains, lakes and grasslands filled with wild flowers. Some then abandon worldly pursuits and head for forests and other places created by nature, not humans.

The results of worldly pursuits are mixed - joy and sorrow; the results of spiritual pursuits are bliss in huge or small measures. Paths filled with lies and corruption may end in a bottomless pit but on spiritual paths there is neither the need nor a place for lies and corruption. All one needs here is love. Therefore it is no surprise that such paths lead to bliss here in this life and the next, for how shall one who cannot find happiness in this life find it in the next (Bhagavat Gita) ?

When one lives a simple life in secluded areas with minimal interaction with the world of most humans, especially close to forests or mountains, remembers God daily through prayer, meditation or service, then over a period of time, spiritual growth takes place automatically and naturally.  Such growth is difficult when there is much interaction with other humans pursuing their ego, fears, greed and lust, for company has a strong influence. In the forests, in company of trees and wild flowers, one communes with nature and finds peace for trees exist in the main to serve life, not to pursue their own agenda like humans usually do. Since ancient times, sages and hermits have reached the highest levels of spiritual attainment in this manner.

Others still engaged heavily in the world, not yet ready for spiritual immersion, can also find much peace by going for walks alone in forests. You are fortunate if there is one near you, otherwise if you take holidays to near one, whenever you can, you shall find much peace. Perhaps then you might consider carrying a gift for the forest - some flower seeds, a sapling or two of a lovely flowering, fruit or nut tree to plant; and a picnic hamper for yourself with bits for the squirrels or the birds that shall sing to you as you enjoy your lunch; for in the forest you shall find a clearing with a view that is just right to sit down and enjoy the lunch that feeds not just the body but also the soul.. If you rest against an old tree trunk for a while, it shall share the wisdom of the ages with you, for old trees are wise souls and the guardian angels of the forest shall bless you.

Over the last hundred years humans have removed many forests from the planet. This leads to warming that lead to forest fires, in turn more warming. The cycle may continue until mother Earth restores forests after the next ice age. In the meantime if you contribute in any way you can to help restore some of the forests, even a little, or even planting more trees on farms and in cities, you would help all life on planet and be blessed for Mother Earth and Father Universe make a note of all our deeds.

There is magic in the forest, listen to its music here:

 From Thumbelina Sigrun on twitter:

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul” ― John Muir



  1. Lovely words!Profound wisdom!

    Silence is the language
    of the seas and the forests
    and animals and birds
    wild they become
    when their peace's disturbed
    when happy they sing
    and rejoice with each other
    a lot they teach to them
    who listen silently
    that this life's to live
    the way it's
    and not to waste and dream
    that the next which comes
    better it would be

    with warm regards

  2. Thank you for contributing a nice poem Vinod ji. Our life, our present moments are the way they are because of out past. When we live the present in our hands now in a good way, then those to come shall no doubt be better. A common thing for most humans is to work and plan with the assumption that they will live forever. This assumption turns out to be true for those who identify more with their eternal self the soul but false for those who identify with their physical bodies instead.

    May the trees and birds add blessings to your life.


  3. When in company of children
    we become children
    when among trees and birds
    we come close to nature
    choose your company well
    and you will become like them
    and when there is no choice
    try to be your own self
    and like lotus in the mud
    bloom at your best!
    with warm regards

  4. Thank you Vinod for those wise wirds. Your comment would have been just as good for my latest post in my life and spirituality blog, for it is about children and becoming like them.

  5. The reference was to this post,

    Do check out, the link is not active, it has to be copied and pasted.


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