Soul and Reincarnation


1. When a soul leaves a physical body after death and enters in to a new physical body then this is said to be reincarnation of the soul.

2 Without reincarnation, another life in hell or heaven that some mystics talk of would be impossible 

3 There is something deeper to the self than a body. It is the soul. It is from here consciousness and feelings such as fear and love arise.  Neither a computer nor a robot feels any of these things. You cannot scare a computer or robot with fear of death or make it pine for love.

4. The soul survives death because death is the end of the physical body as a functioning machine, not of the soul. 

5. Know that a soul is imperishable and escape fear of death and along with that a host of other fears, since no other fear can be greater than death for the body. 

6 As long as fear remains, true joy or freedom is difficult to attain.

7 The soul does not get annihilated after death. It was around even before one was born. The soul always was and always will be. 

8. A soul that can perform the feat of a physical birth once can do it again. Reincarnation follows.

9 Why am I fairer or darker than another, why I was born in a rich family or a poor one, why is my height and nose such and such and different from the next person, why I picked up writing very quickly but failed to play a musical instrument. All this arises from deeds and practice of previous lives. 

10 Without belief in reincarnation, one would be forced to accept that whatever one received at birth was a random throw of dice by the Universe, but the Universe does not play dice.

11 A little while longer, a little more to walk, a moment of rest upon the wind, and another woman shall bring thee forth into life again. 

12 The imperishable soul does not die even though the physical body does. The soul is the reservoir of personality and the source of emotions.

13 In the past, some scholars got together and concluded that while humans have a soul, lower animals do not but all life has a soul even the lowest of animals, nay, even insects and bacteria.

14 A soul evolves gradually from the lowest levels to a human level much as physical life has evolved over millions and billions of years.

15 Animals feel pain and pleasure just as humans do. 

16 There was one more thing erring scholars denied – more than a single reincarnation – and having done that, it became imperative to deny a soul to animals in order to eliminate difficulties.

17 As regards human souls, it was asserted that they can reincarnate only once and thereafter they shall dwell forever and forever in hell or heaven depending upon their deeds while they lived. If animals too were granted a soul, then the angels would have to deliberate on the deeds of an animal or bacteria too, before deciding eternal hell for it and that did not make sense. The approach was then to just deny the animal a soul. 

18 One more difficulty arises when reincarnation is denied more than once. A person who has sinned for a bit during a brief life is then presumed to roast in hell fire eternally. 

19 Once cross migration and multiple migrations across species is admitted, there is no difficulty about where animal souls go. They just become other animals, hopefully more evolved ones, so that, they can eventually after some hundreds of thousands of lives become human. 

20 The good news is that the clergy that fiddles with kids has another chance to reform and realize that children are little angels close to god, to be loved not molested, after a limited stay in hell where the same is done to them to realize their folly. They shall have another chance rather than roast in hell, forever and forever.


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