Beware of Evil in Spiritual Robes


1 Just as a robber moves about in the guise of a gentleman, so does evil move about in a spiritual guise. Do beware friend for he is extremely vile

2 Even as the Prophet among the Semites, the Messiah said, “Beware of false teachers, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing and extremely dangerous.” But others have come since who use his name as their cover for evil who would like to hide this warning from you.

3 Know them from their fruits and deeds for they are not difficult to discover once you set about to do it

4 Those who advocate violence and hate are not for God, for He stands for love and peace

5 Those who attempt to impose their beliefs are not for God Who gave freedom to all life to choose and believe as they like.

6 Those who attempt to hold on to followers, making it difficult for them to leave, should they so choose, are not for God for He is all for freedom for life.

7 Those who cater to the rich and powerful in the main are not for God, for He serves the sick, needy and vulnerable first, even as Gandhi of India or Saint Teresa of Calcutta did.

8 Those who are into accumulating wealth are not for God, for He teaches men the joy of reducing material wants and needs by withholding the power of money from the greatest of joys in the universe.

9 Those who publicize their programs far and wide and set up ostentatious establishments are not for God for he is all for simplicity and humility.

10 Why then you ask evil flourishes under the guise of the spiritual, a force meant for good in this world and beyond? It is because of need. Just as fraud financial schemes exploit financial needs of humans through temptation and lies, so does evil exploit the need for solace and such need is acute when suffering strikes.

11 Keep your foot from evil, from lies, hate and violence, for a bottomless pit lies at the end of that path. Trust in God with all your heart and He shall guide all your paths and keep you from harm.


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