Babaji and the Man

A contented heart is a calm sea in the midst of  storms...  Tina

The sun is barely up.

We have one here who is ready to begin a new day. Just now though, there is a little time to sit down over a cup of coffee, to worry about so many things humans have to worry about every day of their lives, to deal with their fears and to make plans to escape them, plans against numerous problems that arise in a life. Soon he must dress up and rush for work. The work shall be weary, that daily grind, but it will serve to distract from worries, fears and insecurities for a while.

But today he is greeted by Babaji,

“Son you are worrying about so many things! Are you forgetting the most important one? Soon these weary days shall come to an end, suddenly, unexpectedly; while your flesh and bones returns to the earth from whence it arose, your soul shall escape. It shall look down at your body and say,

“Look at this pitiable body that lies here in the ground, soon it shall rot and the stench shall be unbearable, or the maggots will get to it. Its days were spent in worries, fears and insecurities while it walked the land. A sorry end to a sorry life indeed! Then the soul shall rise up and escape to a place from whence it came.”

“But tell me son, do you have enough bread for the day.”
“I do’”
”Do you have a clean dress for the day to wear.”
“Yes, I do.”
“And a roof over your head for the night?”
 “Yes, Sir. I sure do.”
 “Is the air fresh enough to breathe and the sun warm enough to touch your soul?”
“It sure is Babaji.”
“Then pray tell me, is there a pain in your behind?”
“No, not in the least Babaji.”

“Then be happy and immerse yourself in the magic of a new day. If there is a concern or two to handle today, then go ahead and deal with that, why are you adding those of tomorrow to it? When tomorrow comes it will take care of itself. Let your day be a celebration of life not a distraction from your worries. Soon the body shall be in the grave. Make the most of it while it still dwells upon the earth in a spirit of gratitude. Be contented with what you have for, 
“The contented shall be given more and whatever they presently have shall be taken away from those who lack gratitude.”


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