Seven Keys to Happiness


If you see that someone else has something nice and good that you do not have,
That everything nice and good of this world comes with some problems attached. Feel blessed that Nature has chosen to shield you from such problems.

If you see the life of another is rising with success whereas your own is going no where,
That every sunrise is followed by sunset, the dark night and that Nature has chosen to spare you the pain of the night that shall follow.

If you see that another has great riches that you do not have,
Just look a bit wider,
And you shall see many that have even less and feel blessed and grateful.

If your life is filled with pain, sorrow and darkness,
That wisdom comes from sorrow and there is no gain bigger than that and look forward to the bright day that follows every dark night.

If you fear for the future,
That the future to follow shall be yours when you shall leave this world to enter another.

And remember,
There is no happiness greater than that of being contented,
For contented you deserve to be,
Because Nature with all its infinite talents has chosen not to overwhelm and destroy your finite self by giving you all possible talents but has rather chosen to give you just a few, with one that is unique to you and greater than all others in this creation, for unique you are just as everyone else is (lest you develop an ego that you are better than someone else) in this wonderful creation full of joy and sorrow; and the changing seasons; a season to cry and a season to laugh.

What shall I do then, you ask?
Why, just immerse yourself in the soothing waters of
Love, Truth and Simplicity
Striving to do the right thing
For yourself and the world around
Leaving outcomes in the hands of the supreme intelligence
The Almighty.


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