Of gods, angels, kings and leaders

The mystic yogi sat on a flat rock on the hillside. With years of practice, he knew now how to still his mind and body. Breathing with calm and uttering His name repeatedly, thinking of the infinite Lord alone he found his consciousness detaching from his body, submerging in an infinite sea of bliss, beauty and joy but a question arose in his mind,

“Lord you are so beautiful, so full of joy. I feel my consciousness being pulled into your bosom, to become a part of you, to escape once and for all from endless cycles of joy and suffering but would that not be a selfish thing to do? I would find eternal bliss but there are so many others still suffering. Better it would be that I stay back and help them in whatever way I can.”

The infinite Lord then answered in his heart,

“Your compassion is admirable but how much can you do with this frail human body of yours? Come to the worlds of bright elevated beings known as angels, bodhisattvas, gods and a thousand other names. You shall then be empowered all the more to meet your goals with enhanced abilities. With enhanced wisdom you shall help those who suffer unjustly, but let others who learn from their suffering alone; that you may rush to the aid of a child in need of protection yet leave those alone that must leave this world of suffering immediately for better ones; so that those who maul and slaughter them meet their quota for being pushed into the deep dark bottomless pit reserved for leaders with powers who  slaughter in the name of wars or just from greed unchecked. Power to rule over humans and nations comes with great responsibility, an ability to step into the world of gods with good deeds for millions or to increase their misery enough so that in fair justice they may be pushed into the deep dark bottomless pit of tragic suffering, all the more tragic because it is so unnecessary and so easily avoidable. A leader having climbed to the highest of worldly positions in humanity must assume his next higher place among the gods rather than lose it all for temporary gain that will be lost soon with death in any case.”

The mystic was moved,

"Why is it Lord that these eminent persons, most eminent among humans face such grave risks, whereas I seem to face none so fearsome? "

And the Lord spoke to him in heart again,

"You acquired your status to walk with the gods with sacrifice but if some of these others acquired their status through temptations woven in false promises, then they must fall to temptations themselves, for whatever a man does good or bad must return, 

For the Universe brings everything into judgement, every secret thing, even those hidden in corners of the mind, whether it be good or whether it be evil,

That is the law of the universe, that is justice and that is how the destiny of the universe is preserved of which all are a part."


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