On the Pursuit of Lust and Wealth

The pursuit of lust and wealth has many similarities

When one fails in pursuits of lust and wealth, one is left frustrated, at times in extreme ways, depending upon the intensity of pursuit.

When one succeeds in these pursuits one is left tired and even depressed in the former case and often stressed or miserable in the latter case.

If the acquisition of objects of lust and wealth are in dishonorable ways such as lusting with a prostitute or wealth through cheating or harming others then one is left diseased or disgusted in the first case and miserable, sick or imprisoned in the latter case.


When lust is satisfied as a part of and incidental to mutual romantic love or for procreation,


Wealth comes unasked as a gift from the Universe or as a result of one’s good works for improving lives of others, then it is a blessing and a joy one deserves.

If you happen to be one of these blessed persons, dear reader, then continue with your good works with even greater vigor and ability taking care that such abundance does not spoil or corrupt you as it tends to ever so often with humans. If that happens, such blessings shall vanish soon and you will be left worse off than ever before.


If you are not one of these blessed one’s yet dear friend, then fill your heart with compassion, your lips with truth,  keeping away lustful thoughts and those of wealth away from your mind to the extent possible, devote yourself to your work sincerely, doing the right thing, unmindful of consequences, leaving results in the hands of the Almighty


In time you too shall become deserving of such blessings, even in a new life if necessary in a place filled with joy and beauty, for there is a season for new leaves to grow, flowers to bloom, and a season for them to wither away.

 Set your course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship for they are destined to sink


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