Sustainable Celebration of Life

 Few disagree that

Life must by full of happiness
Life must be joy
Life must be a celebration

But then we have these thinkers and spiritualists who seem to come and throw a spanner in the works (that includes this blog) with a whole lot of other prescriptions such as, do the right thing; inculcate discipline, order and beauty; spend some time in service of others - humans, animals or nature, organize your time wisely, enhance love, truth and simplicity, trust in God and be grateful for what he provides and so on and on.

Life is a school, a 24 X 7 boarding school. There are children at school who divide their time wisely between work and play. They take study hours seriously and even seem to enjoy those. Then there are others who would rather shirk that work and have fun. They get miserable when they fail in tests and when school years are over they have a miserable time later too.

That is how it is with life friends. When we divide our time wisely between work and play our life becomes more joyous. Those things that spiritual persons suggest are only hard for a bit. With practice they become a part of one’s habit and personality and in the long run go to make not only the celebration of life sustainable but also enhance our inner apparatus, our souls, to experience greater bliss and joy.


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