Day of Spiritual Teachers

Just as there is a Mother’s day, Father’s day and Teacher’s day, in South Asia there is a day for spiritual teachers too it is called Guru Purnima. It comes once a year on a full moon in the month of July . That day is today this year.  I send my wishes of love and respect to all my spiritual teachers including the most recent one  – Baba Haidakhan  - who appeared in Nainital District in India between 1971 and 1984.

Dear reader, if you do not have a spiritual teacher yet and would like to begin with me as an easy and informal spiritual teacher, get my book – Mystic Pathways to Love, Peace and Happiness.  It is a small book and easy to read through and if you have any queries you can come to this blog with it. You can find it through google or through older posts in this blog. I have been a teacher for many years, at first a professor of engineering in three of the best universities in three different parts of the world. My engineering areas of interest can be found in scientific publications by a search of google scholar citations easily. While a teacher is necessary in various disciplines of human knowledge, it is even more necessary for the spiritual and mystic side of life and now my interests have gradually shifted to these.


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