Your True Possession

Dear friend, we all take pride in our possessions. If we have other achievements such as educational degrees, name, fame, power, privilege etc. we are deeply pleased with that too. In reality, none of these things belong to us. Everything including our bodies belongs to the universe and has been granted to us temporarily, for limited periods, by the grace of the Universe.

Everything we have is a temporary gift from the universe to assist us in our own unique journeys from life to life. What truly belongs to us is our soul that is everlasting. The wise yogi realizing this evolves to superior states. Patanjali in his text on yoga has described this as an essential step for evolution of the soul, terming it in Sanskrit as - Aparigrah

We tend to grow deeply attached to our possessions and if they are taken away we fret and get miserable. The wise person however moves on peacefully when the time for a gift to be withdrawn comes. The human body grows from a child to youth to old age. Some get miserable about reduced energies and abilities of old age. The wise person however is grateful for whatever has been and makes the most of what is. Some fret when their wealth disappears but the wealth of all, even the richest of kings is taken away when the time comes for the Universe to take away this body and move the soul to a new one. Some get deeply attached to positions of power and privilege. They try to cling on desperately when it is coming to an end, heaping misery, even disgrace upon themselves in the process. The wise person moves on peacefully to enjoy new destinations when the time comes for it. The previous British Prime Minister Cameron did that. Perhaps his replacement is doing the reverse at the time of writing this blog. Such were the thoughts on my mind today when I tweeted,

Everything in the Universe belongs to the Universe, the Lord. He grants us limited use and enjoyment of things within for limited times. Those who are grateful for that receive more in due season.


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