To be or not to be like a Sheep

When humans walk on paths that many others do, they feel safe and secure. It is because of it that most do it. It is to be safe like sheep in a flock. They push and irritate each other at times, even quarrel and destroy each others peace. Nevertheless they are safe from the wolf and there is even that joy for five minutes when they mate.

The odd sheep that leaves the flock may fall into a pit but a rare one may find that lovely pasture and garden with a kindly owner and end up in bliss or perhaps even show some of the others in the flock a new path towards abundance.

Dear readers, it is so with humans too. Most stick to well charted paths in their journey through life but there are some rare ones who leave the flock and chart their own daring course. Like the sheep, some end up in trouble, in prisons, on homeless streets as beggars but a few, the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Buddha or the saints lead humans to new levels of evolution.

A human may leave the flock for one of three reasons. First are those who do it because of a strong desire or insanity, born of the workings of the senses and the mind. It is from this kind that that some end up in prisons or as beggars on the street.

Then there are others who are inspired to do it from a voice or inspiration from their heart and it is from these that likes of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs are born.

Finally, are those who have decided to surrender their own little finite will to the infinite will of the universe.  It is from this last that saints are born. This last path can be joyous at times and hard at other for centered in the human body the mind frequently leads the soul astray. Nevertheless, the Almighty is merciful. For those who come to his shelter with sincerity in their hearts, he holds their hands and leads them back on the path just as a loving parent does to an infant out on a walk.

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