Secret of Happiness in Old Age
He who is of a calm and happy nature will hardly feel the pressure of age - Plato

When this frame of yours is weak and old
When motion slow, even bending a chore
Yet in moments that are quiet, full of peace
If a river of joy runs through your heart
It is a sign dear friend
That time is not far for a bright new start
When the Lord who made it all
Who gave this clothing for your soul
Shall take it away
It is old and worn
Your precious soul
To make you whole
Needs a bright new suit
Given to you
With a song and dance

Cry out many,
We would like that too
How does one get that cool
A deep sorrow weighs on my head
A deep fear troubles my soul
Is it hard work?
Does one have to pray?

Not at all dear friend
It is as easy as a child’s play
Just make this dear to your heart
Love, truth and simplicity
Gratitude for what the universe gave
Not what you sought
A little work for yourself
A little for the world around
Humans, animals and Mother Earth
Even now, its not too late
Embrace love, give up hate

You need not pray, not at all
Silently without a sound
Just utter His name
Again and again
The One who made this all.

The past is no more
Pages of a story told
Just keep the lessons
Let the future unfold

Your nice dress shall be left behind
Not just that but all your clothes
Even your wealth and home
Bank accounts and all you own
All you shall take is your soul
And all the soul does hold

If you began when you were young
To remember the Lord and his name
It shall be a piece of cake
But never mind, it’s never too late
You need not pray, not at all
Silently without a sound
Just utter His name
Again and again
The One who made this all.

NOTE: Repetition of holy names is called Jap in Eastern Mysticism. It is a time honored technique for solace to the soul across spiritual and mystic traditions of the world. Here is a link to Ram Jap on YouTube.


  1. Wonderful poem full of wisdom and deep truths of life.

    A lamp burns bright towards the end
    before the flame runs out
    so is with life

    enormous joy and peace the soul feels
    before it leaves
    the last wish is fulfilled
    that the soul rests in peace

    when the end comes in thoughtless state
    with divine name on the lips
    the soul gets an easy passage
    to fulfill that wish
    to meet divinity
    'cause there's no other wish.

    with warm regards

    1. Thank you Vinod, beautiful poetry indeed . May the universe bless you much.


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