Journey to Paradise

Patches of green level ground lie on hills between high mountains with snow covered peaks. Surrounding hills are covered with forests of oak, pine and a variety of luscious fruits and nuts. Underneath grow bushes with sweet berries, delicious mushrooms and wild flowers. Colorful butterflies dance about on flowers as birds sing on tree branches. Springs of sweet water sprout forth from many a place on mountain sides collecting in lakes of clear blue water below. It is neither too hot in summer nor too cold in the winter. Such is the place where the blessed dwell with dwellings beside the lake and on level grounds on hillsides. Earth is not paradise but bits of paradise lie scattered across the bosom of Mother Earth. Yes, Yes you say, surely there are places like that on Earth. But then you go on to add, we are seven billion strong going on to ten, there is not enough room for us all in paradise.

Ask the billions that scurry back and forth
Why they hurry so, what is it they seek?
Most for money, money and greed
Yet some chasing their lustful need.

A time comes when evil prevails
Only a few left with hearts so pure
Peace on their minds
Truth on their lips
For a blessing and a song so sweet.

The Universe that created this all
May then deliberate
A time has come
A time for an end
An apocalypse
A time to sift
The chaff from the wheat
To send souls to a place
Where they may then heal
Where shall the souls go you ask?
Universe has a place for them to bask
In deep bottomless pits so dark

Mother earth shall then spread the seed.
New forests shall spring up on lands left free
Fields that were for billions to feed
Billions that scurried back and forth
In a furious hurry
With a frown on their brows

Pouring out from their insect like homes
Stacked one upon the other
And from side to side
Not different from an anthill
Lined up on roads
Some on foot
Some in cans of steel
One behind the other
Lined up just like sheep
They scurry about for their feed
Just like ants in the field
Some to chase their lustful need.

Where shall these souls go you ask?
Many more animals
The new forests shall need
Insects to crawl upon the leaves

That time shall pass
When lust is called love so sweet
When hunger is in eyes of children
Eyes open wide with grief
Tens of millions
Children unaccompanied shall flee
To be scattered across the face of earth
Not to be picked up for a kiss and a hug
But to be declared illegal, an alien bug

Lock them up in cold damp cells.
Says the leader with a smirk so wide
With a stain of feces visible on his behind
That time shall surely come
To sift the chaff from the wheat
The blessed from the damned
In a move that is swift and sweet
A few to paradise that flourishes on Earth
Elsewhere too in this vast universe
Where physical bodies may not reach
But the soul may indeed



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