Encounters of a Mystic

Ashok in a mystic moment

In some companion blog I have written a post – Encounter with a Himalayan Mystic – which describes my surprising encounter with Babaji Haidakhan in the early eighties when I was an Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi. That post has been a popular one (you can find it in the Life and spirituality blog by using the search tool) because such encounters are unusual and surprising for those still in the world of activity and ambition. Now, finding myself in the same shoes as that of a Himalayan Mystic, every now and then I have equally interesting encounters with those still in the world of activity. This post mentions a few.

A friend that I had not met for decades recently chanced upon an image of mine in one of the traditional garbs of a Himalayan Baba and was quite shocked and wondered what had happened to me. He contacted me and enquired. I asked him if he had different dresses for a visit to a golf course and his office etc. and he said yes of course. Therefore, I told him that it is so with me too. I wear a dress according to the activity I happened to be engaged in and for me it varies from an engineering professional to that of a mystic, and the photo he had chanced upon was from moments of mystical engagement. In professional engagement due to my seniority I am constrained to wear a tie and that picture of mine is more frequent on the net but not that activity for in isolated abodes and Himalayan valleys, taking and sharing pictures on the net is not common. I have shared the photo this friend spotted in this post so that it becomes more common and in future it would surprise dear friends of  earlier years less

Another visitor recently wanted to talk with me on phone and contacted repeatedly. I had a good laugh on that because most of my time for the last seven years has been spent in Maun Vrat (a fast of silence in speech but not writing); an engagement in which one does not speak for days and months with anyone at all and chatting on the phone is a distant dream.

Another dear childhood friend from my school days was contacting often for the last few years and did recently on phone too. Mystics receive communication in different ways. They hear the inner thought and emotion more than the words and are thus exposed to truth by the universe they inhabit. This in fact happens to anyone who adheres to truth for the universe gives us precisely what we put into it. However, this friend was up to devious petty tricks and lies as are common in the world of gain and ambition and I would see through the truth every time and feel disappointed because when we were in school he was the most truthful of all in class (the class topper) and I with the rest the typical fibbers. Furthermore being straightforward and honest is so much easier than deviousness and lies that mystics are constantly surprised when humans do not do that. Most sadly I had to block him on a social websites because for one engaged in truth to encounter lies is like dabbling in shit and although one might do it for a friend on an occasion or two one is unable to play with lumps of shit often. I do however love this friend still and am certain he shall one day return to the fold of truth once more – For as Babaji Haidakhan said – There is no saint without a past and no sinner without a future. And as Dame Julian of Norwich said - All shall be well.

Going back and forth between a mystic life and professional one is not without its stress though. One can hide in silence but it not always possible when one foresees a tragedy. When leaving Mosul, Iraq as a Professor in June 1990 I strongly suggested to some friends that they must leave Iraq before the second of August, even booked a flight for 2nd  of August evening for a peer by name of Sabah Bahadduin and told another peer - Nabeel- clearly that the situation will become such that they will not be able to leave later, they just thought I was drunk or something. When it became so soon after on the night of the second of August and all flights out of that country came to a halt,  they have debated in that Mechanical Engineering department to this day - How did Dr. Ashok know? Was he a friend of Saddam? Some have similarly debated recently in US  - is Dr Ashok a friend of Russia? No dear friends I have never met these persons or communicated with them directly or indirectly and moreover have not received a single penny in income from any source for last seven years (except a few odd dollars from book royalty). I am only a friend of Love and Truth. The Lord looks after all my necessary needs with utmost generosity directly even as he does for the angels in heaven that are engaged in His service, and as He shall do for anyone who surrenders self in the service of the Almighty, uncaring about their own needs and leaving them to their new Boss to take care of.

As a visiting Professor at IIT around 2000, I had to raise up a ruckus over impending disaster with impure water and the administration just brushed it aside until soon after hundreds of students fell sick from a water incident. Then they ripped the pipes out and put in new ones.

Further afar, away from the world of friends, beyond the confines of time and space, when a mystic ventures forth arises prophecy and when some of these come out from my fingers on twitter or a blog in the interest of humanity as an instrument of the Almighty, or at times just for amusement it surprises many as has been the British Royalty and President Trump perhaps, more recently Jeremy Corbyn of England. An interested blogger could search for these in the life and spirituality blog by using the search term – prophecy – in the search tool on left side bar of that blog.

Stick to truth dear friends and it shall surely please the Lord and light all your paths

A screenshot of a tweet ( It is from 2016 not 2017 and still on twitter)
Another tweet about President Trump after CNN amid much media aannounced 90% win for Hillary based on polls+reasearch

Screenshot of a Tweet before the election of President Trump, still on twitter timeline
Not just generalities, specifics too, e.g about a Trump win in Michigan much before perhaps anyone even dreamed of it, least of all Hillary

It is not that I do not care for Hillary. Knowing her fate in advance I sent an unusual series of tweets ( perhaps more than 10 as replies to replies a year or so in advance of elections and these too must be on my timeline) not to follow the chosen course because pain and disappointment lies ahead and to enjoy her grand kid instead. But who can turn the tide of Karma and who is to listen to voices that cry out from the wilderness?

A tweet to Hillary Clinton

 LOL, Worth a laugh but only briefly, in reality very sad. That is how the world of gain and ambition is, full of joys and sorrows. It has been so for all life since the beginning of time. The Mystic paths to love, peace and happiness are different and there is everything about it in my new book  for all who care to read it. Just search on google or this blog for a link if you wish. My best wishes for you either way.

NOTE: Examples here were from politics but such prophecy arises in any area of life where the mind in a mystic goes, for more on that see a companion blog of the author at


  1. Events in the lives of ordinary individual cannot be prophesied with same ease because free will exists and can change outcomes destined by karma. However when it comes to events that influence many, they can be because individual effort cannot change that karma, it is too heavy for it, influences too many people.

  2. Today I retweeted this link to explain some other matter to some twitter friends and came back to read it too. Found a few typos that I edited.


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