Power of Blessings, Power of Laughter

May God bless this laughing child in picture  all the way from childhood to old age and beyond
When ever you wish someone blessed it is best to say – May God Bless you and the Lord may hear if He deems fit, or one may also say a Certain Saint, angel, god or Holy personality bless you if you are certain that these persons act on behalf of the Almighty and are a channel for His blessings.

However, it is better not to bless someone oneself if one is not doing what the Lord wills most times for one does not know then how that blessing would turn out or have any impact at all or not.

As a Babaji  in the service of the Lord, at times I do bless others directly, but most times still prefer to say – May God Bless you, for none, not even the mightiest of angels are perfect. Only He is. And as regards me that is certainly true. I still love to use some of the horrid words like – Shit – to make a point. Yesterday I used another seven letter word that begins with a C,  CxxxxA in the Hindi language (to imply stupid in a crude way) on Facebook and needless to say everyone was very shocked. (It is deleted now) However one must be careful not to use any other crude words that have become common in modern times, for the language we use has an impact on our psyche


Love, Truth and Simplicity
Beauty and Laughter
Are some of the doors to heaven


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