Three simple rules to make life wonderful in a hurry

A photo of a godson and god-grandson of Babaji from 2010, learning to walk

Here are three simple golden rules that shall make the life of all more beautiful than ever before in a hurry

1. Experience the Magic of new Beginnings daily
Do try and remember that every day is a new day, like a new life. When you get up daily, make your bed, visit the toilet, brew a nice cup of tea, listen to the song of birds, and thank the Sun and Universe for this life; for 

The grateful are given more and much is taken away from those who are not.

If it is not too cold, step out in green for green spaces nurture the soul; walk on the grass bare feet and it shall soothe mind, body and soul and if it is a holiday plan for a picnic to a forest nearby.

2. One thing at a time and a few daily
While there seems to be so much to do, remember it is only possible to do one thing at a time well and only a few daily. Sit down in a quiet corner with a note pad and pencil and choose what you have to do for the day. You could make a list if there happens to be too much to do today. As you choose the things to do daily, do not forget to include one or two that shall improve your own self, even a bit, for one can not get too far in a rickety or un-serviced car. Do also include to a good deed or two for someone else - man, animal or the world for if you do not do anything good for the universe around you, it too may not, and one cannot get very far without that, can one?

Forget any reflection on past until evenings when you are done with the day. Evenings are for that and to relax. Do not plan for the next day in evenings leaving that for mornings when mind and body are refreshed from a night’s sleep. If someone at home starts of talking of some plan for tomorrow, tell them that – One does not talk of tomorrow in evenings.

And as regards plans for the future best to leave that for a morning of a rainy or very hot holiday when you can't go out. No point in losing all you life and its moments by focus on past or future any more than is necessary instead of the present that is with you.

3. Remember you are on a journey
If something seems too worrisome or fearful in your life, do remember it is just temporary, something that will pass away like a nightmare when you get up into a new life sooner or later for life is a journey where trains are changed after the passing of a few years and all on the previous journey is left behind for fresh beginnings. The idea is that it is not worth it to take temporary things as seriously as permanent ones.

Your permanent asset is your soul and it is especially protected by the Father who gave it. Neither a tiny cancer causing virus nor the biggest nuclear bomb in the world can put a scratch on it.
The grass that Babaji walks on every morning when in his urban abode he built more than 25 years ago in a dry desert like province. Where there is enough water for humans to survive, there is enough to create green spaces. All of the gardening is done by Babji himself without any help from gardeners. The backyard on the other hand has no grass, it is a shaded tiny forest. Babaji also gave up any personal motor vehicle since his younger days. He uses public services most recently Uber by @travisk at @twitter and when called for professional work asks for a car with chauffer

“Just as the same soul occupies different bodies in childhood, youth and old age, the same soul may yet attain other bodies. The wise never doubt this"  Vs 13, Ch2, The Bhagavadgita (The song of the Lord).
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