The helping hand

At any given time on our planet, some people are living in peace and comfort whereas there are some others who are undergoing deep suffering because of any one of numerous causes of suffering.  If one is in comfort, one may feel sorry for those suffering or ignore them and get on with one’s life. After all, no one person can help all the suffering people of the world.

No one person can help all the suffering of the world but everyone can help some of them. The wise do that not just from compassion that follows the wise like a shadow but also from wisdom that unless they do that, they too shall become deserving of similar suffering some time in future.  The Universe makes a note of all deeds big or small.  Happiness comes to us easily when we add happiness in lives of others.

Those who help others when they can, receive similar help when their time of help comes for life is ever changing. Those in comfort now may be in difficulty at another time and vice versa.. At the present time, we have politicians that say to help those in need is not a good thing. It is welfare and socialism that is detrimental to human development. However these same politicians change their stance in one second flat when due to misfortune they go bankrupt or are in pain. Then they say helping others is a good thing.

No one except some Himalayan yogis can spend most of their time doing nothing. Most of our time is spent in chasing our own desires and in works to improve our own lives or some loved ones like family members. It is a selfish sort of living. If we spent some of that time in doing some selfless deed of help for a fellow human it is a worthy thing to do in the eyes of man and Universe.  That is the intention of the Himalayan yogi too who sits on a mountaintop, in a cave or under a tree meditating, purifying his soul so that he or she may become liberated from human limitations and thereby become more enabled to help the world. That is what Jesus and Buddha did too.


  1. So much is being done
    the world is yet stuck
    why does it not move forward
    at the pace it works?
    Who says the saints don't work
    they work hard on themselves first
    with good of the world in their heart
    they make themselves capable enough.
    And then they go about to spread the light throughout the world
    their reach is far and wide and they bless everyone
    what they accomplish in their lifetime
    that endures afterwards long enough!
    with regards

  2. Lovely words Vinod
    Thanks for adding those to the blog.


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