Essence of Mystic Knowledge

While much has been described and written about spiritual and mystic knowledge, its essence is brief and simple. As known to the author, it is described in these four brief passages, 


It is held that life consists of a physical body and a soul within. While the physical body can be destroyed and has a limited life, the soul cannot be destroyed. It is eternal and any one life is just one of its many lives. A soul can pass through many different existences, human life being just one. Because the soul is a permanent asset its state is a far more important thing than the state of the physical body it may occupy for a limited time. While for most humans the physical body is an important asset, for the mystic that is like giving more importance to clothing than the body that wears it and therefore not wise. The source of the individual soul is the Infinite Soul known by many names including God. Thus belief in the Infinite Soul and one’s own individual soul is an essential aspect of mystic knowledge.


While the individual soul housed in a physical body has intelligence, the Universal Soul has infinite intelligence. It is all-powerful and in control of everything in the Universe it creates. It is therefore also known as Almighty. The Almighty Lord makes a note of all doings and individual souls having been granted limited freedom of choice face the consequences of their choices and deeds as a learning experience. In eastern mysticism it is known as karma but other spiritual traditions ascribe no specific names to it while describing the same effect such as – As you sow so shall you reap, or, all things are brought into judgment


The highest purpose of any soul is to evolve into better states so that it becomes worthy of better lives in its journey through the universe. When a soul passing through animal lives attains human existence, it gets especially empowered. However, human life is only the most evolved one on Earth, not in the universe that has yet more evolved beings. A human soul may evolve into higher life forms the highest being known as gods and angels to mystics. Evolution continues until an individual soul attains companionship with the Lord, the source from which it emerged. This unity or companionship may take countless lives but once in the human state it is possible within one life from intense effort. Few do that and it is rare. Ancient eastern mystics have called this process of evolution yoga. There are many different type of yogas including through control of physical positions of the human body that is popularly known as yoga in modern times.


While one may write many large books and blogs as this one on how a soul may evolve, the simplest and briefest way is to love and trust in God. Such a person, who may be called a yogi in eastern terminology, strives to do what he believes is the right thing in the sight of the Lord and leaves consequences of his acts as well as his fate in the Hands of the Almighty, trusting in Him even as an infant may trust in a parent. As a soul evolves, its knowledge of what is the right thing to do in any given situation improves and progress becomes more secure. The very many books on spirituality, morality, ethics etc are about what the right thing to do is in any given situation but even without them, a human has access to his or her inner voice from the heart for it.



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