Three things the Universe loves

These three things are much loved by the Universe,

The Universe loves non-violence. If it was not so, many an asteroid and comets would crash into the Earth regularly, causing much destruction and the billions of bacteria that surround us all would infect us into pain and a quick exit.

The Universe loves truth, never deviating once from its stated laws that hold the planets and galaxies together and brighten them with light of the stars

The Universe loves contentment for content it is to let the planets and the stars exist in their existing path and motion, not altering it from time to time. If it were not so, there would be much instability, even destruction in the infinite worlds that stretch across space.

Dear reader, were you to strive for non-violence, truth and contentment in your life, in your thoughts, deeds and desires, then it should please the Universe much, for you would then be a child of His, worthy in His eyes, worthy of the joy and bliss that pervades the universe.


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