For those aspiring to become very rich

Beauty and joy may be found just as easily in the hut of a not so rich man, as pain and strife is found in the mansion of a billionaire. May the Lord relieve them of their misery soon.

Billionaires He made
The Lord above To punish and enslave Only a rare one for freedom and joy
Wealth is like food A little does much good Take in too much The misery is huge

Day of Spiritual Teachers

Just as there is a Mother’s day, Father’s day and Teacher’s day, in South Asia there is a day for spiritual teachers too it is called Guru Purnima. It comes once a year on a full moon in the month of July . That day is today this year.  I send my wishes of love and respect to all my spiritual teachers including the most recent one  – Baba Haidakhan- who appeared in Nainital District in India between 1971 and 1984.
Dear reader, if you do not have a spiritual teacher yet and would like to begin with me as an easy and informal spiritual teacher, get my book – Mystic Pathways to Love, Peace and Happiness. It is a small book and easy to read through and if you have any queries you can come to this blog with it. You can find it through google or through older posts in this blog. I have been a teacher for many years, at first a professor of engineering in three of the best universities in three different parts of the world. My engineering areas of interest can be found in scientific publica…

Sustainable Celebration of Life

Few disagree that
Life must by full of happiness Life must be joy Life must be a celebration
But then we have these thinkers and spiritualists who seem to come and throw a spanner in the works (that includes this blog) with a whole lot of other prescriptions such as, do the right thing; inculcate discipline, order and beauty; spend some time in service of others - humans, animals or nature, organize your time wisely, enhance love, truth and simplicity, trust in God and be grateful for what he provides and so on and on.
Life is a school, a 24 X 7 boarding school. There are children at school who divide their time wisely between work and play. They take study hours seriously and even seem to enjoy those. Then there are others who would rather shirk that work and have fun. They get miserable when they fail in tests and when school years are over they have a miserable time later too.
That is how it is with life friends. When we divide our time wisely between work and play our life becom…

The Love of Trees or the Lack of it

A couple of hundred yards away from my home is a near vacant property lot. The owner is a lady who has another lot on which she has built her home nearby. She is a trained beautician and has set up a small beauty parlor in a corner of the plot. In another corner are two small rooms that she has given for free to a laboring man and his family. In return for the room, they keep an eye on the property and do some cleaning. However, most of the lot is just barren leveled mud.
The lady understandably does not wish to develop a garden in it because maintaining it would become an additional chore. Perhaps she does not want to grow large trees in it either because those would become a problem if a large building was ever to be constructed on the plot as is likely someday in future. She does not permit the laborer to grow vegetables in the vacant lot because then it would cause a rise in the water bill that is substantial in urban areas. Therefore the plot is more or less a vacant mud lot, a …

Escape from Cycles of Suffering

Clothes of a poor man are tattered He has a hard time procuring food His abode is broken Roof leaks when it rains Miserable indeed is the poor man
Man strives To eat To clothe To have a secure shelter With a window for the breeze Greed increases He strives for more If he fails his soul sinks Miserable indeed is the failed man
Some succeed Wealth increases Abode becomes a mansion Closets are lined with clothes Concerns increase Freedoms reduce
Mouths increase He is insecure Miserable indeed is the rich man
Few strive to do the right thing Accepting with gratitude What the Lord gives Few choose Paths of love and truth That lead to God Few escape The cycle of suffering.

Lust, Nudity and the Yogi

The Bhagvat Gita is an ancient revered scripture of Asia containing much spiritual knowledge. Let us begin with one of its verses about a yogi,
“He who is able to stand here on earth, before casting off this body, the urges of lust and anger, he is a yogi – a harmonized soul, a happy human.” Chapter V, Verse 23, Bhagvat Gita
Along with other desires that plague humans, lust remains a prominent one. It is said that some of this weakness remains even with the gods. Nevertheless, it is something the yogi constantly works to overcome. When one has overcome lust, nudity or sight of organs of procreations, that excite most humans, cease to excite the yogi any more than other body parts that the Lord gave humans. It is for this reason that sects of yogis in ancient times often shed all their clothes and walked about dressed in nothing more than the sky. Many still do. Ancients Greeks were similarly spiritually evolved and not similarly moved by nudity as most modern humans. For the ordinary…

To Realm of Happiness – The Parable

Once upon a time the king announced in one of the towns of his kingdom that a calamity would fall upon the town that very night and that all must escape in a hurry to other parts of the kingdom. All were requested to escape with no more luggage than they could carry on their person and run to the airport where planes were ready to take them away to safer parts. They would be provided all they need to live in new areas of the kingdom.
Johnny had a pretty but modest house in town and there was nothing of great value in his home, therefore he was not sorry to leave it all behind and rush to the airport. He looked forward to the magic of a new beginning in a new town. Warren his neighbor was very rich and owned an expensive mansion that had fittings of gold and expensive art works on walls, precious Persian carpets on floors and everything else that a rich man can afford. He was in tears and heart broken that he could not take it with him to the new town. On the way Johnny tried to conso…