The helping hand

At any given time on our planet, some people are living in peace and comfort whereas there are some others who are undergoing deep suffering because of any one of numerous causes of suffering.If one is in comfort, one may feel sorry for those suffering or ignore them and get on with one’s life. After all, no one person can help all the suffering people of the world.
No one person can help all the suffering of the world but everyone can help some of them. The wise do that not just from compassion that follows the wise like a shadow but also from wisdom that unless they do that, they too shall become deserving of similar suffering some time in future.The Universe makes a note of all deeds big or small.Happiness comes to us easily when we add happiness in lives of others.
Those who help others when they can, receive similar help when their time of help comes for life is ever changing. Those in comfort now may be in difficulty at another time and vice versa.. At the present time, we hav…

Ever-changing Life

All of us would have noted that our life changes over weeks, months and years so that things now are quite different from how they were before.
Different experiences of life provide us different types of learning and we tend to learn most in times we characterize as bad. However, every period of life has something good to appreciate and something bad to feel sorry about. Even in the worst of times in our lives, there is something good that is happening. We must appreciate and be grateful for that good while being patient with the bad to pass. It surely will and all shall be well.
If we organize our life in a disciplined manner rather than an ad-hoc and random sort of life some lead, work towards improving our life as well as of those we encounter in our journey through life, then any present difficulties shall pass away sooner rather than later and times ahead shall be brighter.
If we harm anyone in our journey through life, even plants, animals and the planet, the universe has a wa…

Fragile Bodies, Durable Souls

Although we take much pride in our physical bodies, it is a fragile thing. A small injury, even an attack by a tiny virus can cause huge damage to it or even bring its life to an end. However, while this body is fragile within it dwells a durable soul. It does not die when this body dies. Weapons cannot cut it, fire cannot burn it. When this physical body is destroyed or worn out with age, it goes on to acquire a new body, just as it had acquired the present one. A soul changes bodies just as bodies change clothes. The soul is our essential self from which our feelings, desires and aversions emerge. Our conscious mind may not remember past lives but the soul does. Impressions of our past lives are imprinted upon it.
Attached to the soul is consciousness, which is in fact a part of the infinite consciousness that pervades the universe. However, focused on the activities of the mind and inputs of the senses of the body to which it is attached, the individual consciousness remains prima…

When to dream in Life, when not to

Many persons will tell you that it is good to have dreams in life and to pursue them. However, there is an age to dream and an age not to. When one is still an infant or just a child, it is not a time to dream but to enjoy each day as it unfolds in watchful care of parents and elders. Similarly when one is past fifty, human physical energies begin to reduce rapidly and with that dreams must come to an end.
Old age is time to reflect on one’s past, resolve any emotional conflicts and traumas of life, guide and help younger persons with one’s experience, meditate so as to come close to God or universal consciousness, aside from looking after one’s immediate needs. One may at the most do a little part time work besides to keep busy and earn a little extra income if one needs to. One may still be as young as a child at heart but physical abilities reduce rapidly as one ages. Any dreams at this stage must be for the Lord to give a life lovelier than the present one. This would become pos…

When Angels Suffer

Somewhere deep within the vast ocean there is a fertile island with all manner of lovely green trees, climbing plants and wild flowers. If within it dwell all manners of insects and creatures that walk upon the land with chimpanzees being the most evolved of the lot, then no doubt, with whatever thinking chimpanzees are capable of, they think, there is no life beyond what swims in the endless ocean and on their island and that they are the most evolved of creatures in the universe.
Beyond the island of the chimpanzees, lie vast continents where dwells life that is more evolved - humans. Like the chimpanzees, they too think, the only life that dwells in the universe is the one that dwells in their world and that they are the most evolved of creatures in this vast infinite universe.
Planet of humans is far smaller than a speck of dust, relatively speaking, in the vast infinite universe where dwell all manner of life forms, some less evolved than humans, others far more evolved, some tha…

Love of God makes the journey easy

Not even the godly are perfect. It is too much to expect a human to be so. All of us have different strengths and weaknesses of different kinds, to different degrees that cause us to do good or bad things in our journey through life and lifetimes.
Our good deeds bring us good result - peace and joy while bad ones bring sorrow and misery for all things have consequences. A lie can please one for moments but sustainable peace is found only in truth and how can there be happiness without peace? Love can cause us brief suffering at times yet hate produces much misery when it returns for whatever we put into the world and universe around us comes back to us, good or bad, in due course, when it is time for harvest, the fruit or the thorns.
When blinded by pride, desire or ignorance we do poor things that produce bad results later. They certainly go to make our journey through life difficult. Yet when we place our love and trust in God, the journey through life becomes easier than it might …

Curse of Fifth Stage on Humans

If one considered human life divided in five stages of twenty years each, the first stage of life ends at twenty with the last and fifth beginning from eighty. 
While each human is unique with different life paths, roughly the first stage of life, the most joyous one for many involves childhood when the human body grows rapidly from an infant into full adult. This stage involves education and training to prepare one for a career that sustains one through life. A careful balance and discipline guided by parents between learning and play helps a child make most of this phase of life.
The second phase of life from twenty to forty is the time humans begin their career as well as raise a family and that must remain the prime focus and duty for most humans at this stage. It is a busy stage of life but one also has a lot of energy in this period. As in the first stage, each stage of life involves a preparation for the next stage. Humans must take care that they raise their children in a way…