Force of Karma

Many wonderful things and some sad happened through my life as indeed it does for all humans. Observation and reflection revealed that these things happened with very little of my own doing. There were times I tried very hard for certain goals and did not succeed while there were other things that happened automatically, even great ones, with minimal effort that was easy and pleasant. My conclusion is that it all unfolded because of the force of Karma.

We arrive in this life with a storehouse of karma from previous lives even as we add to it in this one. This governs our lives from where we are born to events that unfold in our journey. It is true that effort too brings results but such results are set against what is destined. If the event is a significant one, force of karma attached to it is such that our own effort may be unable to change it much. It is only in little thing, like what to have for dinner today, that our own effort is more fruitful.

There is a common notion that if you believe in something it will happen. My experience says different. Deep within, our heart knows what is going to happen. Confident belief flows from it automatically. It cannot be contrived. When we meet obstacles and hurdles in any endeavor it is a message that the goal is not destined. My suggestion is that one must consider giving up that path for success is not guaranteed or it will take far too much effort. On the other hand, what is in accordance with our karma flows easily and naturally like a river flows downhill. I have applied this principle in gardening at home too. A picture of it is on top. I have let it emerge on its own without help from any gardener, leaving in most trees, even some weeds that come up on their own. It required almost no work, just a brief stroll through it a few days a month. If you would like to come visit for brief or long visit and discuss spiritual matters or tourist around India,  I have bed and breakfast accommodation for visitors especially from North America or Europe at very modest rates.  I have described that in my other blogs. If you wish just post a comment and I shall send you the link in a reply comment.

Dear readers, tie love, truth and simplicity to your hearts and you shall create wonderful karma for the now and later, so that your journey through this universe is filled with beauty and joy.


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