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On the Pursuit of Lust and Wealth

The pursuit of lust and wealth has many similarities
When one fails in pursuits of lust and wealth, one is left frustrated, at times in extreme ways, depending upon the intensity of pursuit.
When one succeeds in these pursuits one is left tired and even depressed in the former case and often stressed or miserable in the latter case.
If the acquisition of objects of lust and wealth are in dishonorable ways such as lusting with a prostitute or wealth through cheating or harming others then one is left diseased or disgusted in the first case and miserable, sick or imprisoned in the latter case.
When lust is satisfied as a part of and incidental to mutual romantic love or for procreation,
Wealth comes unasked as a gift from the Universe or as a result of one’s good works for improving lives of others, then it is a blessing and a joy one deserves.
If you happen to be one of these blessed persons, dear reader, then continue with your good works with even greater vigor and ab…

Love of Money and the Love of God

Throughout human history, saints and mystics have stated that Love of money is not compatible with the love of God. One has to choose one or the other.
The question that comes to mind of average humans is that, one does need money even to survive and it needs due importance. The saints do not say that one must not work for one’s living. At the same time, they warn against money becoming a primary pursuit. Rather their message is that love God and do the right thing devoting your self sincerely to your allotted work and duty while leaving results in hands of Almighty.
When one depends on Him as one may on a powerful father, He provides whatever money is necessary for one’s journey in life, to each according to their needs and mission. On the other hand, if one ignores the Almighty and sets about acquiring wealth one may not succeed and become miserable from want or one may accumulate more than necessary for one’s well being and become miserable because of that, for as said in an earl…

About Belief in God

There are many persons in the modern world who influenced by modern science say they do not believe in God but lead a good moral life nevertheless and that is enough. They say who has seen God? Most scientists however, including this author do believe in God.
Those who say they have never seen God fool themselves because they see parts of God all the time. God is the entire universe and beyond. They do see that all the time. What they do not see is some imaginary conception of God in their mind and it is just as well that they do not see or believe in such imaginary creation of their minds.
Some say we do not see any miracles and that God should be able to perform those if he is Almighty. But God performs a miracle every instant of creation, in holding the planets together and in every breath we take that gives us life. If God were to add a new miracle they would get used to that too just as soon and say it is not a miracle. For those who have eyes to see there is an ocean of miracl…

Of gods, angels, kings and leaders

The mystic yogi sat on a flat rock on the hillside. With years of practice, he knew now how to still his mind and body. Breathing with calm and uttering His name repeatedly, thinking of the infinite Lord alone he found his consciousness detaching from his body, submerging in an infinite sea of bliss, beauty and joy but a question arose in his mind,
“Lord you are so beautiful, so full of joy. I feel my consciousness being pulled into your bosom, to become a part of you, to escape once and for all from endless cycles of joy and suffering but would that not be a selfish thing to do? I would find eternal bliss but there are so many others still suffering. Better it would be that I stay back and help them in whatever way I can.”
The infinite Lord then answered in his heart,
“Your compassion is admirable but how much can you do with this frail human body of yours? Come to the worlds of bright elevated beings known as angels, bodhisattvas, gods and a thousand other names. You shall then be em…

Slight Change of Blog Title

Sometime back as explained in my older blog on life and spirituality I had started adding the title of Babaji to my name Ashok and changed the blogger profile name to Ashok Babaji. However recently a google search revealed that there are others by that name too and it had caused some confusion for some of my friends and followers who had done likewise. Ashok is rather common South Asian name just like John is in the west and the use of suffix or prefix Babaji common to many persons involved with the spiritual or mystic side of life. Therefore to avoid confusion I have added the prefix doctor now. Accordingly that has been added in the blog title too. It took me around twenty years of formal education, around three to earn the doctoral degree and eventually become a scientist and professor which was the source of my livelihood, but it took around thirty years of simultaneous mystic personal studies in whatever time that became available in a busy professional career, to use the title …

Birds sing for you

Birds sing for those whose minds are free from an endless pursuit of desires
A mind too preoccupied Lost in struggle and strife Remains deaf to sweet songs That birds sing for all life Blind to smile of a flower Caress of green fields and trees Kiss of sunshine and the gentle breeze Colors of a sunset Glory of sunrise too Mother Earth and Father Universe Laid out for you
One remains like a pitiful beggar if ever in the pursuit of more despite having enough to eat and live  in reasonable comfort but when one is contented with what one has then one attains happiness and enjoys gifts of love and beauty of nature that is available to all without having to ask or struggle.

Many a multi-millionaire and billionaire did Mother earth raise. They all said we have amassed a huge amount of wealth, we shall increase it, we have won this today, we shall win that tomorrow, and we shall make good use of it. Poor fellows, most of them died, the few that remain shall die soon too, for the angel of death …