Slight Change of Blog Title

Sometime back as explained in my older blog on life and spirituality I had started adding the title of Babaji to my name Ashok and changed the blogger profile name to Ashok Babaji. However recently a google search revealed that there are others by that name too and it had caused some confusion for some of my friends and followers who had done likewise. Ashok is rather common South Asian name just like John is in the west and the use of suffix or prefix Babaji common to many persons involved with the spiritual or mystic side of life. Therefore to avoid confusion I have added the prefix doctor now. Accordingly that has been added in the blog title too. It took me around twenty years of formal education, around three to earn the doctoral degree and eventually become a scientist and professor which was the source of my livelihood, but it took around thirty years of simultaneous mystic personal studies in whatever time that became available in a busy professional career, to use the title Babaji A novella I based on some of my early experiences – Mystic and The Blossoms is widely available on the web. I am grateful to the universe for both the honors and opportunity.

As one ages, one is able to make fewer contributions physically to the world. It is best then to spend more on the spiritual side in my view. It helps a soul to become healthier for the next round in our journey through the universe. Older persons may also help other younger ones (and those still young in mind albeit aged) on the basis of their experience acquired in their present and older lives. That is the soul purpose of the present blog as well as others I started around ten years ago. The present one is devoted exclusively to mysticism and spirituality whereas others are based more on my experience of life and education in general.

One must not worry too much about worldly things because sooner or later we all must die but one must strive to make one's soul healthy for that is our permanent asset that shall survive death.  It is best to begin on this path when young but if one did not then it is not too late when old.
Still your body
Still your mind
and know thyself
You are an eternal soul.


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