About Belief in God

There are many persons in the modern world who influenced by modern science say they do not believe in God but lead a good moral life nevertheless and that is enough. They say who has seen God? Most scientists however, including this author do believe in God.

Those who say they have never seen God fool themselves because they see parts of God all the time. God is the entire universe and beyond. They do see that all the time. What they do not see is some imaginary conception of God in their mind and it is just as well that they do not see or believe in such imaginary creation of their minds.

Some say we do not see any miracles and that God should be able to perform those if he is Almighty. But God performs a miracle every instant of creation, in holding the planets together and in every breath we take that gives us life. If God were to add a new miracle they would get used to that too just as soon and say it is not a miracle. For those who have eyes to see there is an ocean of miracles all around us all the time, we ourselves being one.

  • However, if one says, one does not know or understand the Lord fully, one need not. Not even the most evolved of beings in the universe do. He alone knows Himself fully. All that is needed is a trust in His love just as an infant has for loving parents, even without knowing them fully. His powers are without limit and the marvelous infinite universe is proof of it. His consciousness pervades it all, ours being a part of it. It can not be seen just as our consciousness cannot be seen.

The fact is that one who does not believe in God becomes a sinner sooner or later even though he started off as a good person, for there would be moments in life when a little or a big lie, a small or a big sin shall lead to pleasure or huge advantage. With no one watching or knowing they would be fools not to go for it if there is no God with His universal eye that sees all, with every secret thing and brings everything into judgment, be it good or be it evil.

Usually those who do not believe in God are in reasonable comfort and just as a child busy at play forgets all about mama while playing these people forget their eternal mother and father similarly. However, when the child falls and gets hurts, he cries out for mama immediately and most humans too remember God when in difficulty. However, if the child had remembered mama’s safety instructions or played within eyesight of her or humans remembered God when in comfort, they would encounter fewer difficulties in the first place.

Just as one in love remembers his or her beloved constantly, one in love with God remembers God constantly. With such love even the worst of sinners may become a saint speedily and in fact there is a sinful past to every saint just as there is a future for every sinner with the love of God

Most humans are not on the way to sainthood just yet and cannot remember God constantly. It is best for them to focus on their allotted duty sincerely while leaving outcomes in the hands of the Lord. This is as good as any other form of worship that a saint may do on a secluded mountain top or forest. While one who loves God deeply attains joy and sainthood through seclusion in quiet places most humans might lose their balance and peace with isolation and seclusion. It is best for them to perform their role actively in society while being grateful for whatever the Lord provides as their portion. The Lord does not grudge them hours and moments they take for celebrations, mirth and party, for that is a portion of their labor in their journey through our marvelous universe. The one who lives in the loving company of God all the time however needs no social celebration or party. Every moment of life is a celebration for him and a river of Joy flows through his heart whenever he turns his gaze inwards or upwards.


  1. So true and beautifully explained,dear Ashok ji.

    A saint may have sinful past
    every sinner's a potential saint
    with abode in home and street
    or meditating in mountains and caves
    when love makes home in mind and soul
    the beloved is the center around which the life revolves
    the saint loves God and God loves the saint
    when a sinner turns to God never to return to sinful ways
    it's a beginning when the love of God takes root within
    and the sinner is on way to become a saint

    with regards

  2. Thank you Vinod for your wonderful words explained so well and poetically.


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