Birds sing for you

Birds sing for those whose minds are free from an endless pursuit of desires

A mind too preoccupied
Lost in struggle and strife
Remains deaf to sweet songs
That birds sing for all life
Blind to smile of a flower
Caress of green fields and trees
Kiss of sunshine and the gentle breeze
Colors of a sunset
Glory of sunrise too
Mother Earth and Father Universe
Laid out for you

One remains like a pitiful beggar if ever in the pursuit of more despite having enough to eat and live  in reasonable comfort but when one is contented with what one has then one attains happiness and enjoys gifts of love and beauty of nature that is available to all without having to ask or struggle.

Many a multi-millionaire and billionaire did Mother earth raise. They all said we have amassed a huge amount of wealth, we shall increase it, we have won this today, we shall win that tomorrow, and we shall make good use of it. Poor fellows, most of them died, the few that remain shall die soon too, for the angel of death stands quietly by their bedsides, where their much burdened heads strive for rest. to strike without warning, at a moment of its own choosing,

To take to another realm
Without their abundant wealth
Even their clothes
Just their souls

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