Our Karma and our Journey

Picture of a window from the author's home

Dear friends, you would have noted that each human has his or her own unique journey through life. Some face great difficulties in this journey whereas others have a lovely and comfortable time. There are even some that have a combination of huge good fortunes and terrible misfortunes through life. 

All of this is the unfolding of our own unique karma designed by the Universe for education of our souls. The soul does not perish when life perishes. Our good deeds through life bring good times whereas bad times are a result of our misdeeds or evil. Those who face mixtures of great good fortune and huge misfortunes through life do so because they have a past full of great worthy deeds as well as some terrible ones.

At the end of the day, whatever we lose or accumulate in life that has to be left behind is of little relevance compared to what the soul shall carry forth when this life comes to an end. Whatever we do or acquire in this life is good if it helps to improve the treasure we shall carry forth when this life comes to an end but whatever diminishes it is detrimental. This body is only a temporary accommodation for our souls, like a hotel or home one might rent when one ventures abroad for a limited time to earn a treasure to bring home. It is good to make that temporary home comfortable so that we can focus well on earning much but not good to fill it with so many toys that our work is compromised and we have nothing worthy to show when we return. Saints have said that much accumulation of wealth is detrimental towards this end for it creates situations where we compromise the treasure, the karma, we shall take with us when time comes to depart, or as the saints say – It is very difficult for a rich man to enter heaven, or, as this author said once,

Wealth is like food
A little does much good
Take in too much
And the misery is huge.

Dear friends, our present is a result of our past.  The past is gone and no more, the present is in your hands. What we do now shall determine our future. May your journey through life be a blessed one and even if you have faced some hardships in life, may they be worth it to increase the treasures you shall carry forth.


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