The Rich and the Destitute

Children do not need much money to be happy. They need loving care, freedom from hunger and fear to be happy.

With the grace of the Lord who took me across the length and breadth of the Earth for visits and work as a scientist and a professor in some of the finest universities of our world, and to remote locations in the Himalayas as a mystic wanderer at times, it was a pleasure to meet many people of all kinds. Some were rich and powerful, most were ordinary persons with little wealth but they had a comfortable bed, home and adequate food to pass their days among us earthlings, and, some destitute homeless persons too, who struggled for their daily bread or a bed that was warm enough for the night.

It was from among ordinary persons with little wealth that there were most with simplicity, little stress and much laughter and when the end of some of them came it was quick with little opportunity for pain or suffering. They passed away swiftly to other peaceful realms.

Of those with much wealth and power it was different. They had much to worry about and much baggage to stress them in their minds and homes and their manners were often filled with affectations and pretensions, contrived smiles and laughter, so that none may know. When their end came it was often slow prolonged and painful. May the Lord be merciful to them too and lead them to peaceful paths.

The destitute were just as miserable as the very rich for they had their next meal to worry about and a bed for the night but their end was swift for they neither had the money to visit a doctor who could prolong their pain and suffering nor a desperate desire to hang on to their life or wealth.

"Blessed are you who are poor for the kingdom of God is yours" - Jesus Christ

Such were the thoughts on my mind this new day of a new year as I sent out my first tweet. May the Lord lead mankind to peace, happiness and joy, to love, truth and simplicity in this New Year 2019.


  1. The poor have worries
    and nothing much to hang onto life
    for what can it offer
    but prolonged poverty
    The rich have worries
    and much to worry about
    to hang on to life somehow or the other
    and keep their wealth safe and sound
    Rich and poor how can they eye to eye
    on one side is arrogance and pride
    and the other side feels cheated
    by the rich and their greed
    Unless and until the rich share their wealth
    with the poor of the world
    neither they can be at peace
    nor the poor can live in peace
    Poverty is a curse
    let not the wealth divide the world
    may there be life and laughter to enrich the world
    to live in peace and be at peace with one another!

    with regards

  2. Thanks for contribiting your thoughts Vinod. Wishing a very happy new year for you.


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