Happy New Year, 2019

While modern science has made much progress in understanding workings of different organs and cells of a human body there is much more to a human and indeed any life form that is barely understood. How our thoughts, desires and emotions arise is not fully understood and we carry within us a huge storehouse of past impressions.

Around us stretching endlessly is a Universe that has countless worlds and life forms, each with his or her own impressions and experiences. To fully understand workings of this marvelous and mysterious universe is beyond the capacity of any science or human. We have to accept much based on faith and the conviction in our hearts in order to secure our place in the Universe.

Some believe that there is no supreme intelligence that can control the Universe whereas many believe that a Supreme Intelligence called God controls everything, creates all and gives limited freedom to life to journey through His marvelous creation. Some imagine God in human form in attempts to interact with Him. God is infinite and cannot have any form that can be conceived by a finite mind. Every form in the created Universe is merely a part of him. Therefore, if for interaction we visualize God in finite human form it must indeed be acceptable to the Almighty.

Life is fragile and uncertain for what happens to us is not just a result of what we do but an infinite world around us that we have no control over. In this transient and uncertain world one can only feel secure and be at peace either from naïve stupidity or by belief in the Supreme Almighty and in His powers to control all events. Around us and inside us live billions of bacteria and viruses and it is possible for just one such tiny creation to destroy any life, if the Universe so wills.

Dear reader, trust in the Lord and love Him with all your heart. He shall keep you not just safe and secure but also happy in your journey through the Universe.  Wishing you all a happy New Year, 2019, May the Lord add many new joyous blessing in your life in the New Year.


  1. What we discover through sheer intellect
    and our knowledge of happenings
    is of things long past
    Time loses significance with trust in God
    the whole canvass of creation can be seen in one shot
    by the grace of God
    But only at His will and purpose and
    to whosoever He may choose to reveal the canvass
    and it could be anyone of us
    Pray The new Year 2019 be lucky to everyone
    May His grace may be showered on every soul
    May there be kindness, compassion and overflowing love!

    with love & regards

  2. Thanks for those lovely words Vinod. Wishing a very happy new year for you.


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