Five kinds of love

Love is the basis for life, hate the basis for its annihilation

There are five kinds of love,

First is the love between a parent and child. It includes love of a child for parents and of parents for a child including grandchildren.

The second kind of love is for another human or humans. It includes romantic love in which lust is not the motivation for as Saint Kabir has said, where there is lust there is no love and where there is love there is no lust. A mind engaged in sensory pleasures gets distanced from the greater and more durable pleasures inherent in the soul

The third kind of love is love for all life that includes not just humans but all animals and insects too.

The fourth kind of love is for nature, all life that includes plant life and the inanimate side of nature too. Many a times, this kind of love is  a stepping stone to the last and final kind of love.

The fifth kind of love is for the Universe, the Lord Almighty who created this all.

These five different kinds of love appear in the journey of a soul from life to life. All five kinds of love are present simultaneously to varying degrees in different humans at different times but one of them prevails.


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