Rising and Falling Souls

The universe is full of souls, rising souls and falling souls
Rising souls, ever rising to greater levels of freedom, freedom to choose, freedom to create and the freedom to be, even as the Father of all souls created this universe merely by will.
Falling souls, falling to ever lower levels of freedom, not just humans even animals and  insects some that must now depend upon the wind to reach their food, nay even lower, like the rocks on the hill that have no freedom to choose or will at all.
Rising souls not just among angels, kings and leaders but also among animals and insects too that crawl upon the Earth.
Falling souls not just among angels, kings and leaders but also among insects that crawl upon the Earth.
Am I falling soul or a rising soul you ask, how am I to know?
It is easy to pick which is which dear friend. Falling souls are the liars among you and rising souls are those that strive to abide in truth.
For it is truth that gives wings to fly.
As for lies, they are the desperate grasps of falling souls clutching on the sides of a slippery pit, a bottomless pit. Their grasps shall not take them very far out of it, says the mystic.
The path of rising souls is lined with beauty and scent of the loveliest of wild flowers that bloom upon the hill for fond of it are rising souls. There are souls even among the creepy crawly creatures that rise to become a butterfly, to begin its flower scented journey into heavens. The Lord gives them wings to fly and a garment of beauty to rising souls even as he strips falling souls of beauty, bit by bit, while he rubs a stain of faeces on their behinds.
The path of falling souls is lined with rotting corpses, of the stench that emanates from anal cavities of beings and decaying contents within for that is where some of them may come to live, to feast on the contents therein as do intestinal parasites and some of them shall be given a nice name out of generosity of kind souls - gut flora

But there is good news for all, even the worst of sinners may escape the pit by turning to a path of love and truth. The Good Lord, The Universe awaits to welcome them as their much loved children who had lost their way but have now found the light in their heart to return home.
Abide in truth dear friend and it shall give you wings to fly, truth and its lovely companions too, love, simplicity, humility, contentment, innocent laughter of a child, happy  smile of a flower. Make friends with them all dear, fly up into the sky and the ocean of bliss that lies beyond. Angels await your arrival eagerly, ever ready to welcome you, to sing for you a sweet song as others fly up into the sky to shower flower petals upon you in joy, for they love a rising soul just as much as the rising soul has to come to love them.


  1. So true!

    A good soul
    attracts a good soul
    and keeps a distance
    from a falling soul
    but a raised soul
    helps the falling soul
    every soul is a part of a larger soul
    they bring on course the wayward souls
    for their love of the larger soul!

    with warm regards

  2. Thanks Vinod, May your journey forward be blessed.


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