When Angels Suffer

Somewhere deep within the vast ocean there is a fertile island with all manner of lovely green trees, climbing plants and wild flowers. If within it dwell all manners of insects and creatures that walk upon the land with chimpanzees being the most evolved of the lot, then no doubt, with whatever thinking chimpanzees are capable of, they think, there is no life beyond what swims in the endless ocean and on their island and that they are the most evolved of creatures in the universe.

Beyond the island of the chimpanzees, lie vast continents where dwells life that is more evolved - humans. Like the chimpanzees, they too think, the only life that dwells in the universe is the one that dwells in their world and that they are the most evolved of creatures in this vast infinite universe.

Planet of humans is far smaller than a speck of dust, relatively speaking, in the vast infinite universe where dwell all manner of life forms, some less evolved than humans, others far more evolved, some that mystics call angels. Just as mystics have discovered that detaching one’s consciousness from thoughts and desires of world leads to peace and happiness, a state of bliss, so it is with angels. They dwell in bliss that pervades the universe.

The angels exist in service of the Lord, the infinite consciousness that pervades the universe. From time to time their gaze turns to other life, towards humans, lives filled with joys and sorrows. Much of it must be passed over by a mere glance, for to interfere with it much involves interfering with laws of nature that hold the universe together, to interfere with freedom of beings that the Lord gave all life and in their evolution until one day learning from their travails a few of them too may walk with the angels, for it was from among them that some of the angels arose.

But there are times the suffering is acute and it is of the gentlest, purest and most vulnerable of humans, little toddlers and children, as is happening now presently in the strongest, richest nation on Earth, America, where mammon says to a few, do my bidding and I shall make you Lord of the Earth and all its treasures. Here, at the time of writing this note, children in thousands have been taken away from parents entering its borders from the south. They cry for their parents incessantly until their throats dry and sounds emerge no more or they are threatened into quiet and if that does not work injected with substances given to uncontrollable mad humans. The angels then intervene, for they hold the power to enter minds and hearts, the power to create and the power to destroy, the power to alter choices and decision to ease suffering.

As angels focus on these distraught children, they suffer acutely too, for compassion is a mark of evolution. One asks, if the angels suffer too then how is an angel better than a human? Better am I as human who can look at my growing bank account and enjoy lustful pleasures that money can buy!

But one knows not when a cancer of the brain strikes or a pain in the ends, making a human postpone those pleasures until the suffering is dealt with. But the angel of death stands unseen by their bedside, sickle in hand, to snatch away any last hopes, their mansions and wealth besides earned with so much stress and struggle and by selling their souls to mammon.

Humans struggles to remove suffering when it strikes but alas everything is not in their hands, they must wait for time and grace of Lord for it to pass if at all, as they toss and turn about in pain on their beds, in this world filled with joys and sorrows.

The angels on the other hand, after having done their work, now turn their gaze elsewhere, to a different part of the universe, returning to the state of bliss as they sing praises of the Lord. This then is difference between suffering of angels and humans. The angels retain choice to share suffering of beings or to withdraw from it at will. Humans have little.


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