New Book Release - Mystic Pathways to Love, Peace and Happiness

Note Prepared by QUESST to announce new book for Ashok Babaji's Blog

Dear friends and well wishers, while some of you would have found the contents of this blog useful, there are others who prefer to read it all together in a single book. That is precisely what has been done and the book released yesterday on the eighteenth death anniversary of Ashok Babaji’s mother – Nand Rani or Nando as known to all who knew her.  She was his first teacher in this life towards values of love, truth, simplicity, beauty and laughter. Being a special anniversary issue, the book was printed using full color.  As a consequence the book has become an expensive one. However, it is proposed to release a second addition in the very near future at a much lower price using black, white and gray scales for printing. Hopefully, this would then make it available to a much wider readership.

The book does not include  pictures of this blog but includes slight modifications so that the material is more appropriate for a physical book.

Ashok Babaji is an accomplished scientist with several well cited scientific and technical publications in reputed International journals that can be found by searching through google scholars. He is also a learned and ardent mystic. It is a unique combination that he has employed to advantage in presenting and interpreting age old mystic wisdom of mankind in a straightforward and simple manner so that it may be understood and assimilated easily by the widest possible readership. There is little doubt that the contents will go a long way in making lives more loving, peaceful and happier by restoring age old values of goodness in a world distracted much by greed and material wants.

The book is presently available exclusively at Amazon only at:

                              Seek the way from the heart.

                              Seek the moon from the soul.



  1. Heartiest congratulations dear Ashok ji on this new publication in the memory of your most beloved and respected mother. May God bless you and your esteemed works!

    Seek or beg
    the light that dispels
    the darkness of clouds
    which blind one's steps
    and shows the way
    that the soul may tread
    the path which brings
    love, peace and happiness!

    with warm regards

  2. What a lovely poem Vinod. Thanks a lot for contributing it and for your nice sentiments. I am sure your path in life is blessed by both success in the world of humans and in the world of souls that brings joy to the heart

    (PS: For others: Vinod is a retired senior bureaucrat of India, the senior most officer of the equivalent of IRS in India and he is a prolific poet with his own blog full of thought provoking poetry. Click on his profile to reach it)

    1. Thank you very much for your kind,encouraging and highly inspiring words,dear Ashok ji


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