New Low Cost edition: Mystic Pathways to Love, peace and Happiness

Mystic Pathways to Love, Peace and Happiness

Note prepared by QUESST Publications for Babaji:

The first Edition of the book Mystic Pathways --- was a very expensive one because it was produced using full color printing, being a special anniversary edition. Babaji was delighted with the product but not pleased that it was so costly. Therefore QUESST Publications, a non-profit, non-funded and non-commercial voluntary service for Babaji (the two Ss in the name stand for Scientific and Spiritual) has worked overtime to bring out a new black and white edition at a much lower cost. This second edition is similar to the first except for the addition of a brief table of contents and a small appendix at the end. It is hoped thereby to make this book available to a much wider readership worldwide not just through Amazon but also other online retailers as well as book stores. The ISBN for this second edition is



We are exploring if an even cheaper edition may be brought out with the help of low cost printing presses in future so as to bring down the cost still further. Babaji believes deeply that the book has much knowledge useful to improve lives of all, in a world in much need of it.

The book is already available at Amazon at the following link and shall become available at many more places in the coming weeks. The interested reader can find description of the book at the given link:


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