Entropy Yoga of Dr. Ashok Babaji

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Now we shall describe a simple yoga, simple yet profound in its inner meaning. The best of the laws of the universe are the simplest. Those who know even a little science and the law of gravity that holds planets and the stars together on their orbital paths know that the universe chose a simple number for that law - 2 - and not a complicated one.

This yoga is so general in nature that it is beneficial for all life, even energy producing inanimate matter and machines. It is called Entropy Yoga. The term Entropy Yoga was born some years ago as a result of study of both the physical and spiritual sciences by this author combining two words and ideas from modern human science and timeless mysticism.  This yoga is not something that is practiced for a few fixed minutes or hours daily but rather a matter of lifestyle. Let us consider the two words separately first.


The precise meaning of the term – yoga - is union. It is held in mysticism that individual consciousness, intelligence and soul has arisen from a unified Infinite Source (God) and continues to remain a part of it. We do not see this unity because of our own individual desires, ego, ignorance and exercise of our free will (along with consequences it brings in the shape of retribution or karma). However, if we reduce the very things that cause us to perceive ourselves as separate we come closer to the universal spirit that pervades the universe and thus also become more evolved. In the words of Einstein who revealed the secrets of nuclear energy, space and time to mankind,

"A human being is a part of the whole, called by us “Universe,” a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest—a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. The striving to free oneself from this delusion is the one issue of true religion. Not to nourish it but to try to overcome it is the way to reach the attainable measure of peace of mind.” 

In the ultimate state, which though rare yet feasible, an individual soul looses its identity and merges in the infinite from whence it arose. Death of beings does not bring about this state because the soul survives and is born again as before. Yoga means union and a yogic practice is one that brings one closer to this reunion of the finite consciousness with the infinite consciousness. Yoga may also be regarded as a practice that speeds up our evolution to superior states. Yoga is not a religious thing but a religion may employ it along with its other rituals or prescriptions since religions too seek similar goals.


Now consider Entropy. It is not easy to understand fully without a deep knowledge of science but we do not need to here. It occurs in thermodynamics, a fundamental science that has been a specialization of this author during his professional and scientific career. It is something engineers study. Classical thermodynamics deals with laws of thermodynamics along with its implications and applications. Many modern machines such as the automobile and thermal plants are designed with the help of laws of thermodynamics. The second law of thermodynamics deals with the principle of entropy. According to this law, every process that takes place in the universe serves to increase entropy of the universe. In general, when entropy increase is large, mechanical energy devices such as the automobile engine or a power plant are less efficient as compared to situations when entropy increase is small. Every thing that has happened in the physical universe ever since it began has increased its entropy. Entropy is also a measure of disorder. Higher entropies imply a higher degree of disorder.

One may ask what would happen to the universe if the entropy increases to beyond sustainable levels. It would lead to the destruction of the universe, as we know it. Only a being that is beyond the laws of the physical universe can reverse this change. God is such a being.

Entropy Yoga:

If all of us have a component of this Infinite power in ourselves, then we too have the capacity to decrease the entropy of the universe. However, limited to a confined body, a human may most times only decrease the entropy of his immediate surroundings while the entropy of the universe increases. In advanced mystic states a decrease in entropy is also possible and then to an observer physical laws would appear to be violated. This is the scientific basis of miracles that mystics and saints display at times as also prophecy. Some things are within the realms of prophecy and some are not because those latter can be changed by free will of beings as discussed elsewhere by this author.  Ordinary humans too may experience miraculous powers on rare occasions but when they do they usually explain it away as a coincidence or a trick of the mind.

Any systematic habit or practice that we adopt to increase order and reduce disorder leads to a reduction of entropy and in that sense is a form of yoga. Entropy yoga can be practiced with all our activities and even our thoughts. Entropy yoga or behavior leads to the same mystical energy that created the universe. Worldly objectives are easily obtained by persons and societies practicing entropy yoga, whereas nothing works properly when entropy yoga violations are widespread.

The sense of time stretches for a person on entropy yoga because there is an intimate connection between flow of time as perceived by the consciousness and entropy changes. However, entropy yoga is only the first step, albeit a necessary one. Not followed by other yoga such as kriya yoga it may drive a human to higher energy but stressful states rather than peace and happiness, a fate of many developed societies of the world today. Nevertheless entropy yoga is an essential step albeit not sufficient in itself. Presently we shall confine our attention to entropy yoga only and describe Kriya yoga later as the next step.

Intelligent beings like humans can practice entropy yoga consciously whereas animals cannot most times, although even they do for their essential needs and rearing their young for at such time divine motherly love flows through their souls.. Entropy yoga leads to spiritual evolution and increases abilities to achieve goals. However, even though individuals can play their role in reducing entropy, not all processes in the world are in their control. Overall, the entropy of the universe is always increasing. There is only one other quantity that moves in a single direction like that and it is time. To carry out a process where entropy does not increase is to hold time still and to carry out another that slows down the increase of entropy is to reduce the flow of time for the individual who does it. Thus, individuals who act in an orderly disciplined manner will achieve more than others who behave in a disorderly fashion even though they may spend a lot of time and energy in their endeavors.  

Entropy Yoga in its simplest form  may be understood as any practice that reduces disorder and promotes or enhances order in one's thoughts and actions or in one's surroundings because of one's actions. We shall now focus on five simple steps that may be employed to practice entropy yoga.  It must be pointed out that not just Sanskrit speaking persons but all cultures have practiced ways for developing mind, body and soul. Such practices are different types of yoga even though not recognized by that name. Therefore, when it comes to entropy yoga, it is something that has been practiced by the most efficient humans and cultures on the planet since ancient times. Countries where it is practiced much are the most well managed and progressive countries in the world; if its violation is widespread, the country as a whole is undeveloped and full of poverty, mess and strife.

Now let us consider five aspects of this yoga. They are so simple that on reading them you shall say that you already knew. However, it will serve to remind if you are lagging in any one aspect

1 Cleanliness
The first aspect of entropy yoga is cleanliness. This begins with a cleaning of the body and proceeding to clothes, living spaces and surroundings. This is something that has to be done daily and on a regular basis as far as one’s body is concerned at least. If you have been living in dirty surroundings, do not get worried and frantic about it. Just take a bit at a time. Over time, you will end up with clean clothes, bedding, rooms and surroundings. Dirt in the wrong places is a mark of a high level of disorder in placement of matter, leading to large entropy increases and thus huge loss of efficiencies. Cleanliness restores order.

2 Organizing Stuff
The second aspect of entropy yoga is to organize your stuff, from your clothes to everything that you possess. If you are having difficulty in that, perhaps you have collected more than you can handle. Get rid of some. Here again, if you have a lot of clutter around you, you shall not be able to fix it in a day. Just handle a bit at a time and within months your stuff will be organized. Once it becomes a habit, you shall begin to put away things where they belong right from the start. Just try and organize one corner or cupboard and see the amount of peace and clarity of mind that gives. It is not surprising then that those who keep their things organized at all times function with immense clarity of mind and efficiency as compared to those who do not. A profound sense of peace surrounds them. Organizing things is connected to a sense of order. To see if a nation is orderly by habit, check to see if its market places and traffic on roads is orderly or chaos

3 Organizing Time
Organizing time implies being punctual in appointments with others and also in ones activities such as meals, sleeping etc. Time has to be organized over days, weeks and months. It implies that you would schedule all your activities and appointed hours and minutes after due deliberation and once having done so stick to it precisely. Just check how the most developed cultures of the world such as the British, particularly during the Victorian era, Swiss and Germans are rigid about time and how they developed as a result of it.

A quick check of the daily punctuality of a nation is to go to the train or bus station and see if they arrived in time. A quick check of the annual punctuality of a nation is to check the school and university schedules of sessions and exams over the last ten years and see if it remained fixed or changed. This author did a doctorate from UBC; Canada where at his university the schedules remained substantially unchanged over thirty years. This country has been rated as one with one of the highest qualities of life. Compare this with countries that disregard punctuality and end up as undeveloped.

4 Organizing Speech
The fourth important aspect of entropy yoga is speech. A well ordered speech is a mark of evolution and development whereas a chaotic babble of sounds, excited arguments, speaking louder than required, quarreling etc. is a mark of an undeveloped soul. If a perceptive human was dropped into a strange culture, he would immediately know from the manner of speech in a group, as to how evolved the culture is. In an evolved culture speech would be calm and composed and will not include things like cross talking, shouting, getting angry or emotional, speaking simultaneously etc. In the modern world one does not have to visit a country physically to make that observation. Just visit the popular TV channels of that country while sitting at home and you can make a similar observation. This observation measures the current state of evolution of the nation not a past or future one since these things change with time often going up and down.

It goes without saying that talking too much involves the risk of violation just as speaking lies does, and it can easily be observed that the more evolved a culture the more profound is the silence. Conversely less developed societies and persons are constantly emitting a babble of sounds. Before you speak apply these four tests,

1. Is it true?
2. Is it necessary?
3. Is it kind?
4. Is it the right moment?

If it passes the four tests speak but in the correct tone and volume as required by the situation.

5 Organizing Thought
The last and most important aspect of entropy yoga is organizing thought. This last aspect implies that we do not let our thoughts wander without control but rather focus them on the task at hand. Reciting of mantra leads to a high degree of order and is a favorite technique of seekers. More advanced improvements in organizing thoughts involve specialized meditative and breathing techniques but these are something that require training under guidance and cannot be practiced by everyone without it. They can also harm if sufficient progress has not been made in the other four areas just mentioned and if practiced improperly. Therefore, we shall leave these aside for the time being. It will also help preserve the simplicity of the present note.

In the meantime as a step towards organizing thought, try and concentrate on whatever it is that you happen be doing. When taking a bath think of the bath and not a meal. When consuming a meal focus on the meal and when at work keep your mind at work and discourage others who start talking of the sports event instead during work hours, but when you return home from work, stop talking and thinking of work. If someone does, discourage them, if someone discusses plans for tomorrow, stop them and say it is not done in evenings. If done frequently, it shall first disturb your sleep and then your life. The British in the Victorian colonial era followed this strictly and went on to rule the world.


It may be pointed out that although entropy yoga leads to high efficiency in anything that humans do and therefore success in life along with an environment for peace, it may not necessarily lead to happiness.  In fact not following up entropy yoga and the increased energy and empowerment it leads to by other things causes the increased efficiency to create stress, a fate of present day developed nations that are high on both order and stress, often with tragic consequences, so that one wonders which is better, the poor third world relaxed and laughing farmer who says maniana with a banana to it all or the stressed out and sulking developed world person, ready to snap at you at the first sign of provocation. But the poor farmer is not so empowered to deal with a situation when crisis strikes as they often do through life and therefore his way too is not the solution.

Entropy yoga creates the conditions for success in life and an environment for attaining peace in it. If the focus of attention is drawn towards love and service rather than ones own needs and greed happiness follows otherwise it leads to stress. Peace and happiness come when one enhances values of love, truth and simplicity in ones life and by reserving some of the increased energy that comes from entropy yoga not just for one’s own selfish needs but also to help others and the world around as well as the Universe and Mother Earth that gives us all we need. A systematic way to bring this next step into our life is through the equally simple practice of Kriya yoga as described by Baba Hairakhan, a modern Himalayan mystic. We shall describe it later.

However, entropy yoga called by that name or no name at all is a necessary first step to self improvement and improving lives. Happiness is not possible without peace, and the conditions to acquire peace not possible without a practice of entropy yoga. With entropy yoga, both happiness and success in worldly life comes within easy reach of individuals; without it both recede. When practiced widely in a nation, entropy yoga leads to the success of the nation as a whole.


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