The Mystic and his Journey

Humans put much value in things of the world but they are like a dream lasting until one wakes up in a new life. Sweet seem pleasures of the world and senses. Both bitter and sweet are its fruits.

Deluded by pleasures and ambitions of world, billions of humans are running helter-skelter across the bosom of Mother Earth – falling, rising, laughing, weeping. 

Yet, there are some who refuse to put up with the pain for temporary gains.  They would rather return to the place from whence they came. Father Universe smiles, ever ready to welcome back His children into His fold. Mother Universe smiles by his side for she is but a part of Him.

They take to paths some call spiritual, some mystic and some say the path of the crazy gone mad. They smile and say, hope you join me too, in this joyous madness, when you arrive at the edge of the bottomless pit and peer down its side for you are running towards it with great speed.

The path of the mystic is not the path of religion, that is for those wishing to continue in the world, running helter-skelter across the bosom of Mother Earth – falling, rising, laughing, weeping. They argue and quarrel, those in competing shops, those in different religions but mystics of the world speak the same language and it is only one word – love

The mystics choose their own paths, different ones for each is unique and they are yet human. Some take to paths of service, others to seclusion to purify their souls so that it becomes worthy of service to the Lord of the universe who remains ever busy ensuring order, for while creation is a play of opposites, light and dark, good and evil, it is in the nature of evil to increase its reach and for the Lord to ensure that balance is ever maintained and that darkness does not exceed light.

Some become saints even as Mother Teresa of Calcutta did in her service of the poor and dying, some take to withdrawing to wash their souls, shutting themselves from outdoors, from the world of much activity, to go indoors into the corridors of mind and the soul.

They are aghast at the garbage within, emotional garbage of innumerable lifetimes. Bit by bit they cleanse it, forgiving those who wronged them in their journey of days gone and repenting for the wrong they did to others for it is in the nature of humans to wrong each other while in pursuit of worldly goals.

Others look on, they ask, who feeds them, who looks after their needs, who looks after the needs of their family? Have they left them behind to do the dirty work? What shall happen to them if they fall sick? Who shall lift them if they are so alone?

The Lord and his angels shall lift them. Jai Shri Hanuman! Jai Ma Nanda, Jai Sunanda. He ever seeks those who come to love Him even as they seek Him for it is not a one sided love affair. It is a mutual one.

Mother Earth by His side stands smiling, ever ready to lend a hand for She is but a part of Him. They look after his needs and of the families left behind even as He did for Buddha, much better than a human might ever have done, and what of sickness for which those of the world prolong their lives and pain spending fortunes? The hermit smiles for he knows no damage can fall upon his soul, It shall simply move on to new clothes. Mother earth ever stands ready with new clothes as do Mothers across the universe, billions, nay countless Mothers for they are all a part of Father Universe.

He loses the taste for worldly pleasures, delighting in those that Father Earth and Mother earth laid out on the tables for free - fresh air, sunshine, green forests, lakes and mountains filled with intoxicating beauty for while food feeds the body, beauty feeds the soul and man cannot live for long on bread alone.

Bit by bit, he loses taste even for this beauty as glimpses of the far greater beauty of the Infinite begin to flash upon his consciousness.

Ancient records describe the tale of some of these angelic souls in ancient languages and metaphors for humans are constrained by language of their fathers. An ancient Sanskrit, Bhagvat Purāna, record, From Canto 4, Chapter 12, describes the tale of King Dhruva who became purified thus,
King Dhruva realized that this universe consisting of God's external energy was just like a dream. He considered everything created comprising his body, his wives, children, friends, his influence, riches, the pleasure grounds, the facilities for his women and the beauty of the earth with its oceans, as something transient and for that reason he left for a Himalayan forest. There he purified his body, bathing in pure water and in yoga postures, controlled the breathing process by withdrawing the mind from physical senses. Concentrating on the Lord he constantly kept in mind, he became fully absorbed in the Lord. Constantly engaged in devotion for the Lord, the Supreme Personality, he attained everlasting bliss. Again and again overcome by a stream of tears that made his heart melt and all the hairs of his body stand on end, he no longer remembered that he had a body and was thus liberated being materially bound. 

Dhruva then saw a very beautiful heavenly vehicle descending from the sky which illumined him and the ten directions as if the full moon itself had appeared. Therein he discerned two beautiful demigods with four arms, a blackish skin, being quite young and with eyes as pink as a lotus flower. They held clubs and were attractively dressed and decorated with helmets, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Understanding them to be two Angels of the Lord, he stood up, respectfully joined his hands offering his respects while Nanda and Sunanda, the two angels of the One smilingly approached and addressed him. Nanda and Sunanda said, “Oh best of kings! All good fortune to you! Listen attentively to our words. You are the one who greatly satisfied God by doing penance.  You have achieved the world of the Lord that is so difficult to achieve that not even the greatest of enlightenment could reach there. Come and see the supreme abode around the moon, the sun, the other planets and the stars are rotating. Then in having paid his obeisance to the two associates, whose form shone with golden effulgence Dhruva got on board”

For more on King Dhruva see

Note: The Angelic Divinities mentioned in this record are revered as the twin mountain peaks of Nanda Devi and Sunanda Devi in the Himalayas until today. The location of Sunanda Devi peak was revealed by this author a few years ago, earlier it had been called Nanda Devi East as some still do.


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