There are those who say they love God but how can one know if they do?
There are those who say they do not believe in God, but in fact they do; how can one know if it is so?

God is the entire universe and whatever else there is beyond and within it that can not be perceived by the senses. Everything is a part of God. There is nothing else besides Him. Everything is His creation and all the life within it his children.

There is nothing but God or as the Arabs say - La Illaha il Allha

If one seems to love gods, angels and saints too, it is because they are the means through which a godly soul may communicate with the infinite Lord besides directly from within the heart, for the Infinite Lord does not communicate with words, His language is silence.

If the physical universe dissolves and emerges repeatedly as mystics proclaim, it is because the physical universe is the physical body of the Imperishable Lord just as your physical body is that for your imperishable soul and they are born again and again. Your imperishable soul is also a part of Him, that and a bit of ignorance born of unique desires giving it a distinct individuality for a while.

If one loves God, then one cares for the welfare of all, especially the most vulnerable within it, just as a parent cares most for the most distressed of children. These include the poor, hungry, sick, old and frail, children, trees etc.

If one loves God one shall be just as happy alone in the company of trees in a forest, more so than among people, for while people have their own selfish desires, trees exist only to serve life.

If one says one does not believe in God but cares for all life as just stated then in fact one does love God but one is only saying that one does not believe in your definition of God.

Those who say they love God but disregard suffering of poor and hungry, children and environment are not just liars but in fact love Satan, for the world has always had two kinds from the beginning – the godly and the demonic – the first born to increase peace the latter born to destroy it, for creation is a play of opposites, light and dark, and Satan is the symbolic king of the demonic. the godly say they have been unable to help the needy enough for they are humble. The demonic say they are helping the poor much for they are liars.

Both the godly and demonic shall in the long run lose their individuality and merge in the infinite. The godly within the conscious infinite creator and the demonic cast and tied into the bottomless pit where freedom of choice no longer exists, they have exhausted and misused it, to continue as inanimate matter, the stones on the hillsides and soil beneath our feet, for the universe needs inanimate matter too just as it needs life, and His consciousness runs through it all.

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