Ever-changing Life

All of us would have noted that our life changes over weeks, months and years so that things now are quite different from how they were before.

Different experiences of life provide us different types of learning and we tend to learn most in times we characterize as bad. However, every period of life has something good to appreciate and something bad to feel sorry about. Even in the worst of times in our lives, there is something good that is happening. We must appreciate and be grateful for that good while being patient with the bad to pass. It surely will and all shall be well.

If we organize our life in a disciplined manner rather than an ad-hoc and random sort of life some lead, work towards improving our life as well as of those we encounter in our journey through life, then any present difficulties shall pass away sooner rather than later and times ahead shall be brighter.

If we harm anyone in our journey through life, even plants, animals and the planet, the universe has a way of returning harm to us for our appropriate education. However, when we help others around us, or the planet, then the universe responds with extra help for us in many mysterious ways.

How best to act at any given time depends on knowledge. The universe shall give you that knowledge dear reader if you lead your life truthfully but if you tend to lie through it then that knowledge will be withheld from you, rather you would pick up falsehoods instead getting precisely what you give to the world. In the worst of cases the habitual and incessant liar may even be told that the patch ahead is a wonderfully soft patch of grass and he or she must jump on it to be delighted, finding instead after the jump that it is a deep dark bottomless pit instead.

Tie your heart to love, truth and simplicity and cultivate an attitude of patience, humility and gratitude. The Universe shall lead you to bliss and joy


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