When to dream in Life, when not to

Many persons will tell you that it is good to have dreams in life and to pursue them. However, there is an age to dream and an age not to. When one is still an infant or just a child, it is not a time to dream but to enjoy each day as it unfolds in watchful care of parents and elders. Similarly when one is past fifty, human physical energies begin to reduce rapidly and with that dreams must come to an end.

Old age is time to reflect on one’s past, resolve any emotional conflicts and traumas of life, guide and help younger persons with one’s experience, meditate so as to come close to God or universal consciousness, aside from looking after one’s immediate needs. One may at the most do a little part time work besides to keep busy and earn a little extra income if one needs to. One may still be as young as a child at heart but physical abilities reduce rapidly as one ages. Any dreams at this stage must be for the Lord to give a life lovelier than the present one. This would become possible if we can resolve past emotional traumas, karmas and thus cleanse our soul for a lovely new young body when the time comes for it.

The age to dream is between teen years and around fifty years of age. A majority of humanity now lives in crowded cities with little open and green spaces with increasing crime, pollution and impersonal neighborhoods. Some live in high-rise apartments and if one looks at it dispassionately it is an insect like dwelling similar to bees and ants in anthills, stacked one above the other and side-by-side, imagine an ant with a nice sofa set in it very own cavity! LOL. The builder sings sweet songs of it to sell his work and the buyer, finding an independent home unaffordable, falls for that line. However out in the countryside, in little towns and villages still exist affordable homes surrounded by lush green open areas, wild flowers, lakes and a view of the mountains. Although one is compelled to stay in a crowded city during one’s working years, there is no reason to when one retires. It is a wonderful dream to have worth working on when one is young.

If one has spent one’s childhood in the countryside then that is a place to build a home gradually as suitable for one’s retirement during one’s working years, bit by bit, in vacations and breaks in careers. For others who were born in the city the time to scout for a home in a village or town in lovely natural surroundings is when they are still young around the age of thirty or so. One may acquire a plot for building in a village or perhaps an old run down home going cheap. One may have to pull it down but an old home has the advantage that it would already have connections for electricity, water, drainage etc. and would have proved its livability. While looking for a place for old age ensure that a town or city market is within reasonable access for many of the needs of life, especially urban dwellers that may have got used to them.

Tie love, truth and simplicity to your heart and bit-by-bit the Lord shall lead you to bliss.


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