Escape from Cycles of Suffering

Clothes of a poor man are tattered
He has a hard time procuring food
His abode is broken
Roof leaks when it rains
Miserable indeed is the poor man

Man strives
To eat
To clothe
To have a secure shelter
With a window for the breeze
Greed increases
He strives for more
If he fails his soul sinks
Miserable indeed is the failed man

Some succeed
Wealth increases
Abode becomes a mansion
Closets are lined with clothes
Concerns increase
Freedoms reduce
Mouths increase
He is insecure
Miserable indeed is the rich man

Few strive to do the right thing
Accepting with gratitude
What the Lord gives
Few choose
Paths of love and truth
That lead to God
Few escape
The cycle of suffering.


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