Visiting the Past

It is a poor idea to think of past or future in mornings or afternoons, rather it is best to focus on the day at hand and make the most of it. The morning or day hours of a holiday may be used to make plans for future, at times, and that should be enough as regards the future is concerned. There is no need to think of it daily. Tomorrow will take care of itself when it comes.

The time to think of the day gone by as also the past if one wishes to is evenings. Our past has many important lessons for us and the learning from our experiences is enhanced when we reflect on them. Today morning a friend on twitter had posted a tweet – In the end we only regret the chances we did not take – I reminded her that had she taken those chances there might have been a pit at the end of it and she must thank the Lord for having saved her from it. One must never regret the missing of any perceived chance because one never knows how it would have turned out in its long term implications. Everything turned out just the way it was supposed to and one must be grateful for it.

As we evolve, we tend to realize with force the wrong things, big or small we have done in our past. It is this we must focus on, repent and resolve not to repeat them, ask the Lord for forgiveness and put up sportingly with any adverse consequences because of them. If we can learn from it then the purpose of adverse consequences would have been served otherwise they may repeat. None but God is perfect and all make mistakes in their journey through life. The goal is to reduce one’s weaknesses and strengthen the good side.

There are also some that can look into their past and see no wrong that they have done. If something bad has happened to them it must be the Russians or someone but nothing to do with them. These are people who have stopped to evolve and are sliding towards the bottomless pit. It is best for them to reverse their course else deep suffering awaits them.

Just trust the Lord in all you do, striving to do the right thing, and all shall be well.

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  1. Lovely post dear Ashok ji

    The choices we missed

    Where we're depends upon
    the choices we made in the past
    to err is human and to correct it is wisdom
    but the choices we missed
    there's no harm in this
    it may be better that we did
    what's the guarantee that if we didn't
    we would be happier not in misery
    it's difficult to know what's better for us
    when we need it the most
    so whatever choice we make
    let's be happy
    and make the best out of it

    with warm regards

  2. Thanks for the nice poem Vinod that echos the sentiment of the note in beautful poetry
    Please vidit the blog ogten and add your comments. Regards

    1. Still not fully used to the tiny phone keyboard hence the spelling errors ;)


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