To Realm of Happiness – The Parable

Once upon a time the king announced in one of the towns of his kingdom that a calamity would fall upon the town that very night and that all must escape in a hurry to other parts of the kingdom. All were requested to escape with no more luggage than they could carry on their person and run to the airport where planes were ready to take them away to safer parts. They would be provided all they need to live in new areas of the kingdom.

Johnny had a pretty but modest house in town and there was nothing of great value in his home, therefore he was not sorry to leave it all behind and rush to the airport. He looked forward to the magic of a new beginning in a new town. Warren his neighbor was very rich and owned an expensive mansion that had fittings of gold and expensive art works on walls, precious Persian carpets on floors and everything else that a rich man can afford. He was in tears and heart broken that he could not take it with him to the new town. On the way Johnny tried to console him.

At the airport the clerk gave Warren a boarding pass, he said, “I am sorry you are so sad, this is your boarding pass to a town with many others like you.”

Next he gave Johnny a boarding pass and said, “This is to a town where dwell happy souls, birds sing all day and fields are littered with pretty flowers of many shapes and colors.”

Johnny protested, “It is Warren who is sadder, why did you not give him a boarding pass to a happy town too?”

The Clerk replied, “His mind is too stressed and occupied to listen to song of birds or look at pretty flowers. The happy are compassionate and in the happy town all shall become sad with the likes of him. Let him go to his own kind so that they may console each other or if necessary beat each on  head to knock out their irrational greed.”
The story teller cried, “Verily, verily I say it is very difficult for very rich to enter realms of happiness.”


  1. Lovely parable with a deep message,dear Ashok ji.

    Song of nature

    Who have no mind
    and no time
    for the pretty flowers
    and the song of birds
    the trees around
    and the flowing river
    how can they find happiness
    being blind to its source
    and the one with no worries and cares
    has friends among flowers and birds
    the trees around and the flowing river
    happy and contended at all times
    with nothing they live a fuller life
    things don't matter in life
    but being alive to the nature's gifts
    how much happiness they bring
    and the way the soul soars and sings
    what more in life do we need!

    with regards

  2. A truly beautiful poem Vinod with a lovely message all must hear. While it is posted here, please share it more widely too on teottet. Mevh71, your blog etc if you get the time. Thanks for posting it


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