Our Thoughts Make our World

Persons with even a basic knowledge of the spiritual side of life realize that it is our thoughts that create our world including the places we live in. Human condition is diverse, varying from the most beautiful to the most miserable, indicating the diverse personalities and thoughts, choices and actions of humans.

However, there are at least some good humans, if not the majority with beautiful souls that find that they are presently trapped in miserable or harsh surroundings and vice versa. This anomaly arises from the past of soul. Our present moments are made up by our past thoughts and actions. The past cannot be changed but the future is in our hands. It stands to reason that every wise human must do things to improve it if it can be done with reasonable and pleasant effort. It is a defeatist attitude to think that such a thing need not be done in old age. The human body has a limited life but the soul does not. It will go on to acquire other new bodies in new lives after death and a soul must prepare for that. A child prepares with good education for a good career. Then mid-way through his career the wise prepare for a comfortable retirement.  After retirement it is time to prepare for a new good life with lovely new bodies in lovely new places.

Some of the most beautiful places to live on Earth are those that are surrounded by green forests and fields, birds with songs and wild flowers that smile, hills and bodies of fresh water such as clear lakes and clean rivers, where the people are not the violent, angry and lying kind i.e. of a criminal, primitive or animal bent of character and where the climate is not harsh, neither too hot nor too cold, for in our universe we have both hot hells and cold hells. One could argue that there are seven billion humans on Earth and only a few such places, they hardly suffice for all. But then, there are only a few humans who deserve such places now. If more do, the universe has plenty of them and having created this Infinite Universe with ease He has all the powers to provide the right abodes for all, at all times, the perfect one, for all life that it Has created.


  1. Noble soul

    We may be no more
    but not our soul
    we are just a vehicle
    on which travels our soul
    vehicles change
    but none drives the soul
    wherever we go
    the soul knows
    nothing can be kept
    away from one's soul
    why not do something
    to raise our soul
    that we feel blessed
    with a noble soul!

    with warm regards

    1. Good to see you after a gap Vinod. Please do keep visiting the blog often. The verses you add to it are delightful
      Best wishes.

  2. No doubt on reading this post some will ask, OK so now what should I do to prepare my soul for a new good life? Well, the rest of the blog has many posts on that, do look through when you find the time. With best wishes from me. May the Universe bless you and all your loved ones.

    1. Thank you very much dear Ashok ji. Your posts are really wonderful and so enlightening!

      Walk in peace

      Dwell in the forests
      among birds and trees
      the world is selfish
      it will not let live
      but can one leave the world
      and yet be in it
      thousand paths therein
      but where do they lead
      strife and misery
      none brings peace
      carve a new path
      wherever one lives
      untouched by the world
      one may walk in peace!

      with regards


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