Journey of Eternal Soul

We look at a lovely rose and say, look how beautiful it is. At other times we look at other parts of the world, individually focusing our attention on that part. All these parts of the universe,  some lovely, others ugly  are part of just one single entity, the created universe, as is our physical body, every part in it changing with time, some rapidly, others slowly.

There is something beyond the created Universe; it is the consciousness of the Universe.  As parts of it look at created parts of itself, some of those parts develop attachment or aversion to those parts and seem to develop their own individual identity in this vast infinite ocean of consciousness. Developing a desire to make changes in the observed part, shorn of their infinite power that can make changes by mere will, these parts acquire a physical body. From this is born life, an individual soul, and an aperture through which a part of the universe looks at its other parts.

But, alas! The physical part of the created universe is temporary and transient, not eternal like the Universal Soul. Physical bodies that are born must die. Individual consciousness with its experiences and character that it has developed through these experiences, its desires and aversion,  survives and moves on to acquire other bodies in keeping with its character, experiences, and consequences of its actions in the physical world i.e. its karma.

The language that humans use to communicate with each other is a creation of the physical mind. It is not the language of the soul that records its experiences and memories in a more universal language not made up of finite words but in an infinite continuum of impressions and feelings, a far more powerful language than one of the mind. The Universal consciousness remembers everything that happens in the created universe and its individual parts; individual souls remember only their own limited experiences similarly. While a human lives he remembers some of his past learning but not all that is in the soul. It is because the soul focuses on inputs of senses and workings of the mind. Mystics that learn to still thoughts to the deepest levels of the mind to varying extents are freed from such limitation to varying extents. They can begin to read some of the language of the soul, the knowledge in their hearts and remember their past lives too as well as events yet to come. From this is born prophecy and from this, mystics in parts of the world have been called prophets. When this freedom from the physical mind is complete, as it may happen to the rarest of souls such as Buddha, then it notes its original bliss it forgot in its long journey through the created universe and returns to its source, merging in infinite consciousness, first perhaps some the stars as its physical body as did the ancient king Dhruva of lore as the Pole Star, and eventually the entire universe as a part of the universal consciousness.

The created universe is made up from pairs of opposites, hot and cold, light and dark, good and evil. The Eternal soul is above and beyond this all. Evil souls that live on lies and the filth of the universe use this knowledge to justify their evil actions. However saintly souls realize that the path of goodness is the path of light that leads to greater knowledge and freedom from the world of opposites, both good and evil, while that of evil is the one of darkness that eventually leads evil souls to prolonged bondage or the bottomless pit, those parts of the universe that may no longer ever exercise their freedom to appear as life again. Of these latter parts are made stones, mud and filth of living creatures. Here must evil dwell eventually until this creation comes to an end, but only for a while until it wakes up again.

Do note that this note too has been devised by an imperfect mind and expressed in an imperfect language. It can at best be an approximation. The language of God is silence. Still your body, still your mind and listen to it in your heart. Praise the Lord.


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