Ram Nam

Earlier posts have mentioned the importance of jaap or repetitive recitation of a mantra based on holy words. The longest of mantras in Asia are the Chalisas, the Hanuman Chalisa being the most famous one, the briefest are a single word one of them being the divine name Ram. By itself or combined with other select words it creates a powerful mantra.

During my travel to the interiors of Nainital  Himalayan distinct in summer of 2007 I picked up a particular melodious way to recite this mantra. It was around this time that strangers I encountered in my travels began to address me as Babaji or baoji, some wanting to accompany me and it was a frequent struggle of mine to dissauade them. I have recorded that jaap  now and it is available for any interested person online as in this youtube video. My personal experience with it is that reciting it thus with a quiet mind and sincere heart, its effects are magical. For me they drove away persons with evil intentions and brought help from sincere ones. It also gave me the powers of healing by touch for the period I was reciting it much and on my return through Kathgodam railway station, I healed a few thus. Many waiting passengers with different ailments then lined up for that healing. I nearly missed my train then and laughed as I ran to it.

More recently while preparing the recording and listening to it for verifying, my discovery is that mere listening to it drives away evil as they did for me with some recent one that had been troubling me for a couple of years preceding.

Ram Ram is also a common traditional greeting in the Himalayas instead of Namaste or Good Morning etc. it has a meaning similar to God Bless you or may God be with you. A musical version of this greeting was also recorded in a youtube video by me. Its link can be found by searching or in my other blog on life and spirituality.

From focus of mind on inputs of physical senses and thoughts born thereof is born desire and attachment, from it lust and greed, anger from desires unfulfilled and fear of those to be denied and suffering to follow. From ego is born pride, arrogance, selfishness and narcissism. All these lead a human to ignorance, error and sin repeatedly. Suffering is the consequences thereof.

Unselfish service of others in need, the planets and the universe, the gods therein, meditation, mindful breathing to still thought and repetition, Jaap, chanting of divine and holy names as appeal to one’s personality help to remove defects and ignorance. From that is born love and compassion, truth and goodness, simplicity and beauty. Peace, happiness, joy and innocent laughter as that of a child are the consequences thereof


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